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5 Women Tell Us Why They Adore Spring Season

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Have you noticed a drastic change in the weather? The cold winds have given way to light breeze caressing your soul and making it you feel lighter and more relaxed. The “spring season” is finally here and we can definitely feel the bloom. Can’t we?

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some young women about what they think of this season and how they plan to spend it.

Ayushi Jain pursuing English Honours from Delhi University, says that the spring season marks a new beginning for her. “I feel more energetic and prepared for new opportunities. I think it also ushers in a new hope for betterment.”

Manishree, working as a corporate professional in Gurugram, calls spring an idyllic season. “It is neither too hot nor too cold. You can wear anything and feel comfortable in it,” she says.

Ishita Chikkara, who is currently preparing for government jobs, says one factor that fascinates her the most about spring season is the light breeze that is perfect for long walks with family and close friends. She says, “It makes me forget all worries and helps me drench in the spirit of life.”

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Anchal Goswami, an alumna of Indraprastha College For Women, feels spring is the best time to implement all the big changes you want to. “I always utilise this period to adopt good habits or jettison some old bad ones. The pleasant weather helps me achieve those goals. This season, I decided to create a routine for a healthier lifestyle,” she avers.

Abhidha Sharma, a freelance photographer by profession, says that the season is a good time to travel within the city and explore places you couldn’t during extreme seasons. “Every year, I take my camera and visit those places in Delhi where I couldn’t go till now. Those include some monuments and lakes.And the weather, being delectable, will add to the fun,” she says.

Do you love the season? Tell us about what makes you fall in love with it?

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