40% Of 95,000 Voters Support Hate Tweets For Swaraj

hate tweets Swaraj

External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj started a Twitter poll, seeking public opinion on the personal attacks she received in the form of tweets recently. Around 43% people voted in favour of the hate she received on social media.

The minister was subjected to hate-filled, abusive comments after her ministry granted passport to an interfaith couple and transferred the passport official from Lucknow, reported TOI.  

Swaraj on Twitter

She tweeted, “Friends: I have liked some tweets. This is happening for the last few days. Do you approve of such tweets? Please RT.”

The one-day poll ended at 8 pm on Sunday.

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Although a majority of 58% people of 94,000 voters voted against the comments which disrespected the minister, but a total of 43% endorsed them.

She had received a lot of hate after she came out to help the interfaith couple. People accused her of indulging in “minority appeasement.” Many of the tweets were abusive and even communal.

No one spared

Not just Swaraj but even her husband, Swaraj Kaushal was trolled and targeted. One of the tweets also told him to “teach” the minister a lesson and tell her not to do “Muslim appeasement”.

Kaushal, known for his wit and intelligence on Twitter, very sensibly replied to the tweet. He narrated an incident from 1993, standing up for Swaraj.

“Such was her devotion to the family. As per my father’s wish, she lit my father’s pyre. We adore her. Please do not use such words for her. We are first generation in law and politics. We pray for nothing more than her life. Pls convey my profound regards to your wife,” he tweeted.

What do ministers have to say?

In a report by TOI, Ministry spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, “The EAM (External Affairs Minister) has responded to those malicious tweets and the trolling which she was subjected to in her own way and in a manner which she deemed fit. I don’t think I have anything further to add on that.”