Woman Tweets How She Broke Up With Boyfriend Who Fat-shamed Her

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Body shaming is becoming largely common around the world, not only among friends, family and colleagues, but also among lovers. One such incident recently came to light when a woman with the Twitter handle @babyyygucci shared how her boyfriend had fat-shamed her. Shocked by his behaviour, she broke up with him.

He wrote to her, “Also the main issue is your gut might stick out more than mine and that’s just weird.”

She shared screenshots of their conversation and wrote,  “I am 120 pounds. I have been for about 5 months. My partner said this to me. Am I overreacting for feeling hurt by this? I’m at a loss and just can’t even comprehend how someone who claims to love me can say this,” she wrote.

The woman also went on to write that she was 120 pounds (54 kg) when they had met two months back.

Later, sharing pictures of herself, she wrote, “My journey of my body has been long. In high school I was 80-90 and my doctors never figured out why I couldn’t keep on weight. At 20, I started gaining. When i did, I never felt happier and more healthy. I worked hard for this body. I am 120 pounds of pure growth.”

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Consequently, her tweet went viral and the twitterati showed their support. While some pacified her, telling her how she was perfect, others told her to leave the man.

“I haven’t been able to see him since I posted this. With the help of my therapist today I have a plan to end things and move on. I will be seeing him tomorrow and dropping a hefty 180 pounds. The support I got is amazing. I really thought only my few twitter friends would reply!” she wrote and also informed that much like what many had suggested she broke up with the guy.

“I want to update you guys that we are broken up. He was really unhappy and felt like shit, especially after knowing my tweet went viral. He has told me he’ll use this as a learning experience to be a better person. And here I am, single and free.”

Following are her tweets:







Here’s how people extended their support to her on twitter


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