24th Screen Actors Guild Awards: A Showcase Of Women-Power

Charvi Kathuria
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24th Screen Actors Guild Awards: A Showcase Of Women-Power

On Sunday, Los Angeles hosted the 24th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards. What made the award ceremony more special was the fact that a lot of women poured their hearts out on issues that mattered to them.


#MeToo and Time's Up

The #MeToo and Time's Up movements that brought together masses uniting them against the issue of sexual harassment was a central focus of the ceremony.

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From having a female host Kristen Bell to all female award presenters, women power was definitely the highlight of the ceremony. Even the nominations were also announced by women.

 It was Kathy Connell, the executive producer's plan to have women present all or majority of the awards.

Powerful Speeches 

On women gaining power - SAG AFTRA President, Gabrielle Carteris

"I am incredibly inspired by the women and men across the country who have shared their truths with such courage and such candor. Truth is power, and women are stepping into their power." 

"Make no mistake, this is not a moment is time, this is a movement."

On working over 40 - Nicole Kidman

"Twenty years ago we were pretty washed up by this stage in our lives, that's not the case now. We've proven and these actresses and so many more are proving that we are potent and powerful and viable. I just beg that the industry stays behind us because our stories are finally being told." - Nicole Kidman

 Encouraging everyone to tell their stories - Kristan Bell, host for the event

"We are living in a watershed moment."

 "And as we march forward with active momentum and open ears, let's make sure that we're leading the charge with empathy and diligence because fear and anger never win the race."

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