Anushka Sharma Tea Controversy: Looking Back At The Timeline Of Events

anushka sharma tea controversy

Anushka Sharma tea controversy: The ODI Cricket World Cup in 2019 had stirred much controversy in India after actor Anushka Sharma was dragged into the criticism directed at her husband and team captain Virat Kohli, other players, and the selection committee.

Former Indian wicketkeeper Farrokh Engineer had jibed ‘Mickey Mouse’ Indian selectors instead of focusing on the game had been busy serving cups of tea to Sharma. Engineer’s remark had prompted wide backlash against Sharma and the selectors. In a statement soon after, Sharma had addressed the “false and fabricated news” sharply ending her note saying, “for the record, I drink coffee.”

In an interview with a cricket channel recently, former Chairman of the Senior Selection Committee MSK Prasad broke his silence on the 2019 incident.

What Is The Anushka Sharma Tea Controversy? Insider Speaks Up

When one of our selectors offers a cup of coffee to the Indian team’s captain’s wife, it becomes a big controversy, but when the Indian team with seven Indian superstars missing wins a Test series against Australia in Australia, not even once that credit was given to selectors,” he said.

The selectors hadn’t just been criticised over hospitality for Sharma, but also her presence at the game in England. The 33-year-old, since her relationship with Kohli, has routinely been at the receiving end of sexist attacks that claim she is a distraction or affects her husband’s performance on the pitch. Read about some incidents.

Backing the selection committee, Prasad added, “Whatever the outsiders say, the team members are aware of the work we have completed.”

Sharma’s hard-hitting statement two years ago had mentioned, “My name has been wrongfully used to say how I have been given preferential treatment, or how I have overstayed my allowed time with my husband on foreign travels. If anyone cared about finding facts from the board, would know that I always have followed protocol.”