6 Times Anushka Sharma Was Trolled For Simply Being Virat Kohli’s Wife

anushka sharma tea controversy

For some reason, people love putting everything on women. Especially when that woman is a strong and successful public figure. All the lewd and unimaginative jokes people crack on wives is from where these trolls start. Female politicians, businesswoman, female athletes and just any other is familiar with this treatment when men and women forget about everything and start attacking them for their gender and relationships with well-respected male figures. Actor Anushka Sharma has often been subjected to these jokes and she did nothing to deserve them. Being a famous actor who should be known for her craft and her actions, she is trolled for just supporting her husband and cricketer Virat Kohli.

Recently India lost its first match against Australia in a Test series going on in Adelaide and like always, Anushka Sharma, who had nothing to do with Indian Cricket team’s performance was blamed for it. One Twitter user tried very hard to explain why India lost to Australia and dragged in Anushka Sharma when he said, “The only explanation for this is that Anushka Sharma just went into labour and they’re trying to get Kohli back in time for the birth”.

According to the user’s bio, he is a UNICEF Australia ambassador.

In the past whenever Indian skipper Virat Kohli has not been able to secure a win, Indian fans have very conveniently blamed it on actor Anushka Sharma just because she attends her husband’s matches and well, she is a woman and how can people not blame a woman for everything?

Here are many such examples from the past when cricket fandom resorted to misogyny:

Sunil Gavaskar’s Comment

Recently during an IPL match between Virat’s team Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings 11 Punjab, veteran cricketer Sunil Gavaskar passed an comment against Anushka Sharma when he said, “Inhone lockdown mein toh bas Anushka ki gendon ki practice ki hai.” He has only practiced on Anushka’s balling during the lockdown. His comment was based on an old video that had surfaced of Sharma and Kohli playing cricket during the lockdown and went viral.

The actor did  not take it kindly  and this is what Anushka said in response:

Anushka Sharma, cricket, Virat Kohli

Source: Anushka Sharma, Instagram

You can read more about it here:

When Anushka was Called Bad Luck

After the Indian team’s loss, social media got flooded with memes on Anushka Sharma in it. The actor’s character in her film Sui Dhaaga was morphed in pictures with Virat Kohli on the ground. Apart from all the snide comments, actor KRK called Anushka Sharma ‘panauti’ meaning bad luck, “My 2nd simple question is this that why did #anushkasharma go to watch #SemiFinal when she knows that she is the biggest Panuati for Indian team. India did lose last World Cup also because she was watching the match.”

The tweet is no unavailable but here’s the screenshot;

Even when Virat performed well

In 2016, during the couple were broken up, a lot of fans said that Virat’s performance is better because he is not with Anushka Sharma any more. Makes sense? No. Virat Kohli came out in support of Anushka Sharma and said, “Shame on people for trolling @AnushkaSharma non-stop. Have some compassion. She has always only given me positivity”

World Cup 2015

As always, Virat couldn’t secure more runs against Australia and Anushka Sharma was blamed for it as she was present in the stadium watching her husband play. One Twitter user wrote, “Why oh why didn’t Anushka have some other surgery to undergo today?”

The user seemed upset because the team lost and according to her this wouldn’t have been the case had Anushka not been present in the stadium.

Every time RCB didn’t perform, which happened a lot

Virat is the captain of an IPL team named Royal Challengers Bangalore and as it happens the team has never won the IPL cup and it usually performs badly. So who faces the music after every time they lose? Anushka Sharma.

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When Virat posted a picture wishing his wife happy birthday, one user wrote,” Happy Birthday Anushka G. Please you don’t come in stadium for watching the match. RCB is loss the match when you come in stadium. We can’t see virat as a loosing captain in post match presentation”

First Test After Marriage

Right after the couple got married in 2017, Virat went to play this series and unfortunately got out after scoring only 5 runs. This made Indian fans go crazy on Twitter as they made jokes about the couple’s honeymoon falling too short, Virat being hasty to get back to Anushka and basically how the wedding was the main reason for his bad performance. One tweet said, “First test match after marriage, only 5 runs, bohat jaldi hai ghar janay ki” First test match after wedding and only 5 runs scored, you are in quite a hurry to get home.”

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