10 Reasons to include Lemon in your diet

Bhana Bisht
Mar 21, 2018 19:14 IST
10 Reasons to include Lemon in your diet

A generous squeeze of lemon can do wonders. This citrus fruit, available in different shapes and sizes, is known to be used by cultures around the world. There’s no end to the versatility that lemon brings to the table. Although lemons are distinctive around the globe, a lemon diet serves the same purpose everywhere. Here are the most definite reasons why you should include lemon in your diet -


1. One for the relish 

The foremost reason - Lemon is appetizing. The zingy flavour that comes as a boon is suitable for all kinds of recipes one can try. Even a dash of lemon in your salads, curries and deserts will enhance the flavour to another level. It is a blessing to have this citrus fruit during the summer season, as it makes our iced teas, green teas, juices and shakes more delectable. Also, the good old way would be to turn to a chilled nimbu paani this summer!

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2. Why so healthy?

Lemon not only helps maintain one’s oral health, but also  improves joint health as well due to the properties of reducing muscle soreness. Boosts overall health. Their high potassium content combats symptoms like constipation, headaches and appetite loss.

3. Naturally detoxifying


A substantial factor why lemon should be a part of your diet is that it is a natural detoxifier, thus  dissolving uric acid and other toxins in the liver. Also, helps in cleansing.

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4. Prevention against the cause of potential diseases


If not much, but to some extent, it does helps in resisting causes that may lead to diseases.

  • Helps protect against Type - 2 diabetes by reducing insulin resistance.
  • Helps prevent formation of kidney stones.
  • Controls blood pressure to some extent since they are rich in potassium, also maintaining cardiovascular health.
  • Scavenging radical cells that cause cell damage.
  • They are alkaline in nature and therefore reduce acidity, abdominal pain and inflammation
  • Because of the limonene present in it, lemon helps prevent growth of cancer cells.

5. A blessing for Body’s hydration levels


Lemons significantly contribute towards our daily fluid intake.The minerals act as electrolytes thus increasing hydration levels, maintaining heart health and aiding brain function. Also,  sipping on something  lemony time to time will hydrates you to an extra level.

6. Vitamin C 

Our body requires 40 mg of  Vitamin C everyday, according to National Institution of Nutrition. Lemons serve the purpose to some extent. Apart from being a storage place of Vitamin C, lemons also embody Vitamin B6.  


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7. Skin Care

The lemon juice, along with an addition of other natural ingredients, when applied on skin and hair can miraculously treat skin disorders like acne, blemishes etc. and fight dandruff. Studies show that lemons help slow down aging process by boosting collagen creation, and pacifying nervous system.


8. Helps prevent weight gain and improves physical strength

An interesting reason why lemon should be part of a diet is that it helps detox body regularly preventing weight gain. Research shows that lemon effectively helps in fighting obesity.

9. Fights Infections and strengthens immunity

The antimicrobial properties present in lemons fight off the infections, as well as speed up the recovery process during illness say for cold or flue. Lemon boosts immunity which is a vital factor for the body to function well.

10. Fights Fatigue and Enables Relaxation

Adding lemon to your diet helps in lowering exhaustion and dullness. Also, it helps in reducing your anxiety levels and soothes the mind and body after a long hectic schedule. In Fact, studies show that even the scent of a lemon acts as an instant relaxer.

Lemons eat up a lot of favouritism globally. It adds zing not only to your palate but also to life! And to browse through for some exquisite recipes, here, we’ve got you covered - the link to some preferable delicious recipes.

Go grab your bag of lemons!

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