Make Olive Oil a Part of Your Daily Diet

olive oil
We’re living in an age where everyone is obsessed with good health. And why not? That’s what is going to help us sustain the stress in the long run. What if we tell you that olive oil is one such oil that you must be friends with?

Did you Know? The olive was native to Asia Minor and spread from Iran, Syria and Palestine to the rest of the Mediterranean basin 6,000 years ago!

 Does it pique your interest? Then, read on to know the myriad reasons for the same.

1. Good for Weight Loss

Want to shed some extra kilos? Olive oil works wonders in breaking down the fats inside the body and helping you get rid of the belly fat. It is also known for reducing insulin insensitivity that eventually keeps your weight in check.

2. Ensures Longevity

Who doesn’t want to live longer?  Having more olive oil increases your longevity because it keeps effects of cardiovascular diseases at bay.

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3.  Improves Brain Functioning

People who find pride in outsmarting others must make olive oil an important part of their diet as it prevents the cognitive decline of the brain cells that accompanies ageing.

4. For a Glowing Skin

Olive oil is replete with Vitamins A B K & E  which  brings a natural glow to your face preventing any signs of premature ageing.

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5.  Alleviates Pain

Olive oil contains Oleocanthal which is an anti-inflammatory agent. It mitigates pain to a large extent.

Homer called olive oil the “liquid gold” and  Hippocrates referred to it as “the great healer”.

6. Makes you more Energetic

Olive oil increases your blood flow which is directly linked to easy breathing. It also considerably reduces the chances of getting asthma.

7. Helps you Resist Infection

An amalgamation of antioxidants, including polyphenols, Vitamin A and chlorophyll, Olive oil beefs up our immune system and guards it against illnesses.

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8. Healthy For Expecting Moms

Besides ensuring your longevity, consumption of olive oil will also help you produce healthier babies. Olive oil consumed during pregnancy accelerates your child’s physical and intellectual development.

9. Good in Taste

Cooking in Olive oil makes food tastier and who doesn’t want to enjoy delicious food after a busy day?

10. Keeps your Hair Healthy

Olive oil contains nutrients like magnesium, zinc, sulphur, calcium and vitamin B that helps in hair growth. So, use olive oil to get that natural sheen you always desired to.