10 Essential Oils to boost Women’s Health

Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the rage nowadays. In the US, people have been using it for different purposes, but this trend has just started to catch on in India. Most home shop stores in India have essential oils stacked up with diffusers. However, if you’re looking for good quality essential oils – buying them online would be your best bet. These essential oils help with your overall health, but there are a few specific for women’s health. Here’s a list for you:

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Clary Sage Oil
Proven to be an anti-depressant, Clary Sage oil has many uses. It is the first and foremost essential oil that will help keep you healthy. It reduces stress and also works wonders with your thyroid levels. It balances out hormones and keeps you calm. No wonder these are called “essential” oils! You can put a few drops in the bath or use it with a diffuser.


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Lavender Oil
With a dreamy smell, lavender oil offers the relief of stress. Known to reduce cortisols in your body – lavender oil can be used by everyone to keep calm and carry on!

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 Thyme Oil
This is another oil that helps your balance out your hormones. Known to improve progesterone levels in both men and women, this oil can help with women who have PCOD.

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Sandalwood Oil
Used in perfumes in India and in the middle east for centuries, Sandalwood oil is used as an aphrodisiac. It has a wonderful smell, and can be used to increase your libido and also improve your hormonal health.


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 Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is an antibacterial oil. It can be used for many purposes. It is mainly used to reduce period cramps and increase blood circulation in the body. It can also be added into the mop water, to keep your floor clean and smelling divine!


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One of the best ways to naturally boost your energy, rosemary essential oils helps with women who have fatigue and lethargy. It helps increase brain power and enhance your mood and energy.


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Lemongrass fights infections. It can be used to fight both viral and bacterial infections. It can also be used to reduce inflammation and pain, and is a good for your skin. It also increases the production of milk in nursing mothers.


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The smell of eucalyptus can help cure any nasal congestion issues. It can be used daily to reduce sinus problems by inhaling it with steam. It also has anti-microbial properties and can treat infections.

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One of the underrated essential oils, orange oil can help reduce anxiety in women. Women nowadays suffer from a lot of stress which turns into anxiety. Orange oil helps reduce stress hormones and keep you calmer.


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A fun fact about peppermint oil is that if you smell it, it reduces your cravings for sugar! However it is mainly used to reduce stress and cortisol in your body. It can also reduce fatigue in women.

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