Utah: Man Jumps Into River, Saves Woman Attempting Suicide

Man Jumps Into River To Save Woman
Dane Entze and his spouse were on their way home from a weekend getaway after celebrating their anniversary when they came across a woman attempting suicide by jumping into a river. The woman attempting suicide drove her car down the boat ramp and bumped into the river with her vehicle.

Dane Entze who belongs to Utah, crossed the same spot by the water where he first went on a date with his spouse, and jumped into the river to save a woman when he noticed her attempting suicide.

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Utah man jumps into river to save woman

In what can be called a life-altering moment for them, a couple belonging to Utah, United States, helped a woman survive after she attempted to end her life. Last week, 36-year-old Dane Entze and his spouse were on a weekend getaway to celebrate their anniversary. The couple were on their way home from the celebration when they stopped at John’s Hole Bridge in Idaho Falls, Idaho as they noticed a strange activity by the river. Entze’s spouse noticed a woman driving on the ramp boat and she could not believe her eyes when she saw the car speeding up and entering the Snake River.

The spouse called 911 to seek immediate help and, while she was at it, Entze ran down the ramp and jumped into the icy cold water to help save the woman who was about to drown any moment. “Looking down from the bridge, my spouse’s eyes were fixated on the boat ramp when she noticed the vehicle moving into the water,” Entze told the media.

Rescued woman from the same spot where he first went on date with his spouse

Entze jumped out of the car and ran down the ramp after successfully climbing a barbed wire. His willingness to save the woman was so high that he overcame the danger and fear of the freezing cold water and just jumped it to bring her back up. The woman, who began swimming towards Entze after seeing his attempt to save her, told him that she wanted to end her life. Entze, who understood the complexity of the situation, told the woman that although he doesn’t know her, she should know that she is loved and that he will do everything to help her. While the woman’s vehicle drowned completely, Entze swam about 120 feet from the ramp to pull her woman back up. He shared that the woman was so distressed that she wanted to be left alone, but he felt it was his duty to give her life back to her.

The 911 responders arrived soon after and took the woman to the hospital for first aid and further mental health evaluation. “We want to express our gratefulness to Dane Entze, the Good Samaritan who risked his own life to save a stranger’s,” said the Idaho Fire Department Officer.

Apart from doing the biggest deed of saving someone’s life, what made the incident more monumental for Entze and his spouse was that it was the same spot from where he rescued the woman that the couple had gone out for their very first date years back.