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10-Year-Old Girl Helps Mom Deliver Baby At Home With Guidance From 911 Call

Girl Helps Mom Deliver Baby
United States resident Viola Fair suddenly went into labour at her home in Jennings, Missouri when her 10-year-old daughter assisted her in a safe delivery with the help of the 911 call dispatcher, Scott Stranghoener.

Miracle Moore, the grade four student stepped up and effectively called 911 when her mother went into labour. She helped her mother deliver the baby with the guidance of the dispatcher.

A few days back, 30-year-old pregnant woman Viola Fair was going about her routine in her Missouri home when she went into labour and the difficult process of her labour pains became brutal because she was the only one at home or, at least the only adult at the place.

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Girl Helps Mom Deliver Baby At Home

What followed was not only surprising for her but also for all those people who heard of the incident.

Fair’s firstborn daughter, Miracle Moore, who is just ten, saw her mother go into labour and aced her responsibility by becoming the first hand assist for the delivery that happened shortly after at home.

Moore’s foremost made a call to 911, the emergency helpline of the United States, and informed the dispatcher Scott Stranghoener about her mother’s situation. From what can be heard in the recorded 911 call, Moore can be heard telling Stranghoener, “Hi, I think my mum is in labour.”

While the ambulance was on its way, Moore started talking to her mother via instructions given by dispatcher Stranghoener.  She instructed her mother to lie on her back in the centre of the floor or the bed, and not sit on the toilet. Moore’s mother, who was sobbing because of her situation, found solace in her daughter’s bravery during such a crucial circumstance.

When Fair struggled to lie down, Moore informed the Stranghoener and he advised her to place blankets or towels under Fair’s body. Moore also unlocked the front door immediately so the emergency responders could easily enter the house, whilst offering comfort to her mother, whose screams of pain are heard in the recorded 911 call.

Moore is heard telling her mother constantly to feel better. “It’s ok, Mama,” she is heard saying. Moore informed Stranghoener that she felt her mother’s water broke and the baby was about to come. “She’s coming, her head is here,” Moore is heard yelling on call.

Stranghoener told Moore that he would assist her in every way via call so she could deliver her mom’s baby. Fair delivered her baby girl and Moore is heard informing the dispatcher, “She’s out,” post which she gently held her baby sister and wiped off her mouth and nose with a clean dry towel, covering her head.

Moore made sure that the umbilical cord wasn’t wrapped around her sister’s neck. Minutes later, when the responders arrive, Moore directs them to her mother’s room, and all of the conversations are heard in the recording.

“You did a great job,” Stranghoener is heard telling Moore. Stranghoener also informed the media how Moore followed all instructions he gave her aligning with the protocols designed for paper medical emergencies.

The baby, now named Jayla, arrived three weeks earlier than the day of delivery assigned. Her birth, as Fair mentioned, was a miracle symbolising how her elder daughter’s name is Miracle too.

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