Lucknow Cab Driver Assault Case: Five Questions The Viral Video Raises

The viral video in which a girl can be seen assaulting a cab driver leaves viewers with so many questions.

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Lucknow Cab Driver Assault Video: A video of a cab driver being allegedly assaulted by a girl in the city of Lucknow has recently gone viral on social media. The undated video was first shared by a Twitter handle names Megh Updates. In it, a girl can be seen assaulting a man, reportedly a driver, while he requests people around him to call women cops to the scene. The girl has also been accused of breaking the driver's phone.

A second tweet from the same handle further alleges that when a person tried to intervene in the matter, the girl went on to physically assault him too.

However, the girl can also be heard alleging in the video that she was injured due to the careless driving of the cab driver. The incident led to a traffic jam on the Awadh crossing of the city.

The assault video has sparked massive outrage on social media, with many people demanding the girl's arrest. But since there is only limited information available about the incident, the viral video leaves viewers with more questions than answers:

1. How old is the video? The handle that originally shared the video has not revealed when exactly did the incident occur. However a report by Amar Ujala suggests that the incident happened on the night of Friday, July 30. According the the report, the cab driver was allegedly driving recklessly on his way back from the airport and had almost injured the woman passerby in question.

2. Why was the girl so upset? The girl can be heard saying in the video that the cab driver's car had hit her. According to the news report, after the girl nearly escaped the accident, the cab driver verbally abused her and tried to speed away. However, the traffic control police officers present at the site stopped the cab. As soon as the cab driver stepped out of his vehicle, the girl reportedly grabbed his collar, has started slapping him. When another person, reported in the news article as the cab driver's brother, tried to intervene, she allegedly slapped him too.

3. Was the girl's reaction justified? Even if the cab driver was at fault, was it justified at the girl's end to take law into her own hands and slap him? A person can also be heard asking in the video, would the incident have gone on for so long, were the genders reversed in the situation and if it was a girl who was getting beaten up in the middle of the street? Also, should the girl have hit the other person, if he was not directly involved in the incident? Or did the person say anything abusive to her as well. None of this is clear from the viral videos.

4. What exactly happened at the crossing? Was the cab driver indeed driving recklessly? Was the girl crossing the road (using the zebra crossing, as seen in the video) while the traffic was moving? Was the signal light red or green at the time of the incident? Did the cab driver actually abuse the girl, verbally, after the near-accident?

5. Is social media right in demanding arrest of the girl?Β While one cannot endorse lawlessness and abusive behaviour of a person, irrespective of gender, the correct question here is- why has the social media made up its mind about the issue based on two short clips circulating online and the limited information provided alongside them? Why isn't social media demanding an investigation into the incident, but simply trending #ArrestLucknowGirl instead? Shouldn't both the parties face legal repercussions, if they are both at fault? Shouldn't social media wait for more information to emerge, before passing a verdict on the incident?

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