Here Are The Best Of Anushka Sharma’s Parenting Moments

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Anushka Sharma Parenting Moments: Bollywood actor Anushka Sharma has recently entered into another remarkable phase of her life, motherhood. Before her delivery in January, the actor announced that both she and Virat Kohli wish to raise their child away from the public spotlight and want to keep the baby away from social media, becoming the first power couple to set boundaries for the media.

There have been many instances of Sharma restricting her baby daughter’s face from being uncovered by the paparazzi. Let us look back at all the times when she won hearts as a mother to her firstborn Vamika:

When Sharma, who is married to cricketer Virat Kohli for over three years, asked the media to respect their privacy and not to publish any pictures of their daughter just after she was born.  In January this year, she had told paparazzi that the couple had one request for the media, not to click photos of their baby till she is mature enough and was lauded for the gesture.

She had told PTI that as parents it is their responsibility to protect the privacy of the child.

Amul Anushka Sharma baby

Amul’s post on Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli

When Sharma had introduced their baby girl to the world without revealing her face. She shared a family picture with the caption, “We have lived together with love, presence and gratitude as a way of life but this little one, Vamika has taken it to a whole new level!”

“Tears, laughter, worry, bliss – emotions that have been experienced in a span of minutes sometimes!” she tweeted sharing about her motherhood experiences. She went on to share that “sleep is elusive” for the new parents but their hearts were full. Read how a fake photo of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s baby was going viral

Balancing Work

When the new mom returned to work two months before her maternity break was over. Photographer Manav Manglani shared her pictures on his Instagram and informed fans that the actor was back to work and looking super fit. He also noted that Sharma had back-to-back endorsements shooting.

This was the first time that the actor was seen on the sets after giving birth to her baby girl named Vamika.

The NH10 actor also shared a picture of herself sitting for makeup while she was seen holding a piece of paper which could be a script. The black and white picture was assumed to be from the sets of either of the two upcoming films in her calendar this year; Kaneda and Jhulan Goswami biopic.

Anushka Sharma returns to work

Anushka Sharma returns to work

During her pregnancy, the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil actor had said that she would try her best to be back to the shoots after the delivery. She noted she will establish a “system at home” that ensures “I can balance time between my child, home and professional life.” She intends to keep working for as long as she lives because acting truly makes her happy, she informed. Read about Anushka Sharma’s post-childbirth plan here

She appeared in several commercials during her pregnancy for which she shot taking all the necessary precautions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, she returned from Ahmedabad, where she accompanied her husband for the India-England series along with her daughter. Kohli had been on paternity leave and recently went back to work.

Parenting Goals

As a working mother, she told Vogue magazine that taking care of a child should be equally done by both parents. She shared that the couple works as a family unit and it is important for them to raise a child with a “very balanced outlook”. It is all about shared duties, Sharma noted, adding, “I will be the primary caregiver, especially in the first few years, and that’s the reality.” She said as a self-employed person, she can decide whether to do one or two films in a year but what becomes important is the time they all spend together as a family.

Sharma has been posting about parenting goals with Kohli and sharing her experiences through Instagram. She recently said the burp cloth is her newest accessory. On the best parenting advice, the actor was told that she will learn as she goes and but will have to be prepared. “The advice I have gotten is that you have to learn as you go; you can’t pressurise yourself, but you have to be prepared because there will be curveballs,” she shared.

Opening up about parenting in an interview, she said that she and her husband Kohli didn’t want to raise brats. For her love is the “underlying factor” in the house but the important thing is that their child is raised to be respectful of people. “You have to create that value structure. We don’t want to raise brats,” she noted.

The Famous Headstand

And, lastly, how could we forget about the moment when a pregnant Sharma pulled off a headstand (Shirshasana). Sharma performed the asana with the support of a wall and Kohli. In her post, the actor wrote about how she was continuing her yoga routine during the pregnancy and that it was totally safe as her doctor recommended. She said, “As yoga is a big part of my life, my doctor recommended that I can do all such asanas that I was doing before I was pregnant barring twists & extreme forward bends, but of course with the appropriate and required support.”

Anushka Sharma performs Shirshasana

Anushka Sharma performs Shirshasana