Navigating Menopause: A Guide To Facing Challenges Times Ahead

Menopause may seem a tad bit frightening. But this journey can be made easier by gaining the right knowledge and proactively managing your discomforts.

Pratibha Narain
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As you cross the bridge to this new phase in your life, menopause, it's natural to feel a mix of emotions. Some women may find it liberating, a sign of freedom from monthly cycles and reproductive concerns. Others, however, might find it challenging and slightly intimidating, looking at it as a marker of aging. And that's okay. Menopause is not really a medical condition, it's a life transition that comes with its fair share of hurdles. 


I am a working woman, forty five years of age and work with a tech giant. We have no precise working hours because as a young leader we have no option but to show up for all calls and in-zoom meetings. It's also very important for us to keep our moods under check and wear a dead-pan face most of the time even though we are dying inside with an emotional volcano.

Navigating Menopause: A Guide To Surviving Challenges Times Ahead

You must wonder why can't I control it? You must have heard of the many issues women face in menopause but to me, there is no issue like energy collapse. I literally come home and crash for an hour before I can speak to people. The hormonal changes can also lead to insomnia or disruptions in your sleep cycle, which can significantly impact your overall functionality and mood.

Sudden waves of heat radiating through your body might become an unwelcome part of your daily routine. Hot flashes are one of the most common menopausal symptoms and they can hit without warning, at any time.

And so when they ask why does menopause seem a tad bit frightening? Menopause, just like puberty, is an intense period of transition. Your body is changing, evolving. You’re stepping into a new phase of life that is enmeshed with societal and personal expectations. However, there is no one 'correct' way to experience menopause. Everyone's experience of menopause is different, and it's crucial to validate and normalize these differences. 

The unknown can be scary, but remember, millions of women have walked this path before you – and they emerged stronger and wiser. This journey into menopause can be made easier by gaining the right knowledge and proactively managing your discomforts. Knowledge truly is power.

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