Masoom Minawala On Her Journey As Fashion Creator, Entrepreneur and Investor

Who Is Masoom Minawala?
Masoom Minawala is hugely popular as a fashion influencer. This further paved way for entrepreneurship, for her. With her quick and easy fashion hacks and beauty tips, Minawala has made a name for herself with 11 years of hard work and perseverance. From transforming the creator economy to representing India on various global platforms, Masoom Minawala has made her name among CNN’s 20 under 40 list. Read more about Masoom Minawala’s journey as a fashion influencer, entrepreneur as well as investor.

With an Instagram following of about 1.2 million and YouTube subscribers amounting to 53.9K, Masoom Minawala well-known face among the young and aspiring content creators of today. As an active investor, entrepreneur, representative of UN Women India, global influencer and social media content creator, Minawala is a multi-faceted personality who has also walked ramps for various fashion weeks and has also been seen at the Cannes Film Festival twice.

Masoom Minawala started her blog at the age of 18 and has been working full-time as a creator for the last five years. She remarks that she sees herself as a creator first, then an entrepreneur and as an investor at last. Speaking with Shaili Chopra of SheThePeople, Minawala shares how one can turn their passion into a career as she takes about her journey throughout the years toward success.

How did Masoom Minawala become famous?

The funny thing is that people think it happened overnight, but I think my case has been a case of slow and steady. I wouldn’t say wins the race because I don’t believe in winning the race. I believe I am my biggest competition. But the thing is, I don’t look at the fame, but I’d say I have reached where I am today after eleven years of consistently doing what I’m doing. So, honestly it didn’t happen overnight, it wasn’t that easy and definitely not that quick.

Converting fashion into business…

So what I did is I built an e-commerce website and the e-commerce brand that would simply promote the products I was selling on my blog. So it was a very seamless journey of of converting my already existing readers into customers. So it was an all time low customer acquisition cost.

I didn’t understand scalability and I was terrible with my operations and logistics. So even though I ran that startup for a few years, I quickly moved it to autorun a few years later and moved out of it completely and then moved to full-time content creation five years ago.

The big challenges of small business today…

I think the largest challenge that small businesses face in India is that they are too many and the possibilities of visibility with low capital are very few. So you’re seeing the larger companies have very large marketing spend, and they’re being more flexible and more loose with how they manage and how they distribute these marketing expenses which actually makes it so much harder for the smaller companies.

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This is where I saw that somebody like me can play a very important role, especially in the middle. …And I was like, how do I leverage this platform I have to help and support thousands of these small businesses who are possibly and probably going to shut shop because they can’t deal with the pandemic and the effect that pandemic has on their businesses, which actually with the reason that my series ‘support Indian designers’ began.

Watch the creator share her inspiring journey here:

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