Staying Single Doesn’t Suck : Here Are My 5 Good Reasons!

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While most people choose to speak about relationships, I choose to speak about being single. I have friends who have found ‘the one’ and that is what they expect from me as well. If I ever confess that I’m single by choice, they refuse to believe me. As a single woman who has no future plans of relationships or marriage, I often get to hear, “You will find the right one at the right time”. It’s next to impossible for almost everyone to come to terms with the fact that I am not searching for “the right one”.

Yes, being single is a choice I made for myself. This is not because I have been in toxic relationships in the past. Honestly, I have never been in a relationship ever. I have no clue what it feels like to have someone in life. But my experience of a single life has been great so far. So much so that I would love to keep it the same way. What I’m tired of hearing is, “No matter what, you will have to get married one day.” What if I just don’t want to ?

Here are my five reasons on why being single is such a good idea:

1. You save a lot of money

I have seen couples invest a hell lot of money in a relationship just to keep it functioning. It ranges from purchasing expensive gifts to paying bills and even recharging each other’s cell phone number. Spending money in order to ‘prove’ your love doesn’t seem to be a good idea though.

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2. You can live independently

If you are single, you can live happily ever after with yourself. An independent existence without interference is the best life one can think of. What scares me the most about having a partner is that I’ll lose the life I have struggled to live.

3. You save yourself from cuts and bruises

Couples slitting arms and limbs for the sake of love is toxic. It simply results in the loss of blood. Taking such drastic steps doesn’t benefit your relationship. Next time you decide to be hard on yourself, just consider trying out this thing called “talking and sorting out stuffs.” I think it should work. Luckily, as a single woman, I have never been compelled to cut and bruise myself.

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4. You need not resort to telling lies at home

Brown families are not always comfortable with their daughters “roaming about with men”. This is why you have to keep your relationship concealed and lie to your parents before you go on a date. I am too bad at making excuses and telling lies. Maybe, that’s one of the reasons why I chose to remain single. Lol. Well, my parents would have never had a problem with me choosing someone for myself but guess what, I never wanted to.

5. Your responsibilities automatically shrink

Relationships and marriages bring too many responsibilities and it makes me all the more hesitant. Taking charge of things and being a responsible soulmate is great but I believe I’m just not ready for it. Definitely being single has taught me to be responsible but at the moment, I would like to keep my responsibilities limited.

Our society is allergic to seeing single independent women. All it wants is to see us “getting settled”, preferably with someone we don’t even know. But dear women, remember that it’s a battle you have got to fight all alone. Fingers will be pointed at you and you will receive offers of marriage from close and distant relatives. You can’t convince everyone to support your single life. What you can do is “reject”. Reject their unsolicited advice and carry on with the life of your choice.

Kudos to all single and strong women who have been defying the society’s norms and living the life they love.

Views expressed are the author’s own