How Can Neem Be A Health Changer- 6 Amazing Neem Benefits

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From using the frayed end of its twig for cleaning our teeth to using it for improving our skin, Neem has always served as an amazing medicinal herb. Even when you get that itchy skin while suffering from chicken pox, Neem has been used to provide relief. It is used for variety of health issues ranging from leprosy to diabetes. Not only this, but Neem contains numerous beneficial elements and hence the products obtained from Neem are equally beneficial. Collectively, Neem leaves enhance biological functions and hence strengthens our immune system.


Fungal Diseases

Neem is an amazing medicine when it comes to fungal infections. Neem Seed Oil and leaf extracts are used for the treatment of many fungal infections like ringworm and jock itch. Moreover, Neem leaf powder can be used to resist humidity and bacteria that cause fungal infections. In case the infection has already spread in some part, Neem leaf extract can be applied in the affected area for treatment.

Neem Leaf And Diabetes

Diabetes can cause serious complications to the body. It can severely damage the eyes, kidneys, nerves and other body parts. Neem works as a tonic and revitalize and hence works effectively in the treatment of diabetes. Oral application of Neem has been found to reduce the insulin requirement by between 30 and 50 percent.  Taking a teaspoon full of Neem Leaves Juice every morning with empty stomach helps reduce the insulin requirement. It can also be chewed.

Neem works as a tonic and revitalize and hence works effectively in the treatment of diabetes - Neem Benefits

Improves Gastric Health


Neem enhances the working of our digestive system by protecting the stomach and causing the excretion of toxins and harmful bacteria. Heartburn and Indigestion are some of the common problems that Neem is used to treat.

Larvicidal Activity Of Neem

According to the Malaria Journal 2009, Neem oil is effective in controlling the breeding of mosquitoes, as it works as a larvicide (an insecticide that is used against the breeding of mosquitoes). This is the reason why Neem is often connected with the malaria treatment. Since Neem Leaves are widely present, this can be an economical way to check mosquito breeding conditions.

Treats Acne

Neem has a wide application in treating health problems. Skin Problems are long known to be treated by Neem Leaves. When it comes to acne, Neem is known to eliminate much of bacteria and greace that would exacerbate the condition. Skin looks fresh and clean on regular application of Neem paste and due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it also prevents further breakthrough of any such skin problem.

Helps in Detoxification Of The Body


Neem is a bitter tonic with amazing medicinal properties. This bitter herb helps in cleansing the liver. It aids the production of bile, a liquid which aids digestion. It also regulates sugar metabolism. This in addition to its blood detoxification properties, make Neem an anti-tumour herb also.

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