SheThePeople's Girl Talk is Bringing the Indian Sisterhood Closer Together

Have a question? Send it to us – It can be anonymous if you’d like it that way. Women from different walks of life share advice to help you overcome your problems.

Tanvi Akhauri
Jul 23, 2020 07:08 IST
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As a woman, it’s important to have a sisterhood, more so than having a boyfriend. A boyfriend may give you love, but a sisterhood gives you unconditional love, regardless of your age, race, colour, ethnicity, profession, and looks. In fact, a sisterhood will tell you instead how insignificant looks are - it will pester you until you fully believe how gorgeous you are already. SheThePeople’s Girl Talk is one such sister network that is helping women discover and rediscover themselves everyday. It’s a 24/7 virtual sleepover where you can unabashedly talk about everything under the sun - from condoms to relationships to motherhood. And women of every age are invited, because at Girl Talk, someone is always listening.


What Is Girl Talk?

Girl Talk is SheThePeople’s advice column. Think of the most random question that has ever crossed your mind as a woman - one that you couldn’t ask anyone, even your mom or your friend, because you thought it was trivial. At Girl Talk, no question is small, none are silly.

So How Does Girl Talk Work?

Every voice matters. Simply send your question to us at We will assign an expert, a friend, a sister, who will give a detailed insight into your problem and devise a solution to make you feel confident and good about yourself.

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Here at Girl Talk we understand that as women, speaking up is not always easy. It comes with baggage that not everyone is ready to carry. So we welcome anonymous questions too. As mentioned, in a sisterhood, you are supported to be as comfortable as you want to be.


Girl Talk conversations are where women are encouraged to love themselves and ask questions they otherwise wouldn't.

Even as we are in the 21st century, we are surrounded - no, bombarded - with gender stereotypes and misogyny every single day of our lives. Being a woman is tough, especially in India where you have a hundred people around you telling you how to be one. Funny part is, most of these people are men - the nerve! Society has been reinforcing age-old (read: outdated) traditions in the name of carrying on the legacy of Indian culture, justifying them as reasons to shut up women who want to speak out. Girl Talk is changing that today. Here, women can speak without fear, and about all that they are told is taboo and “unbecoming” of Indian women. You can ask questions you are afraid to ask otherwise for fear of judgment.

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How Girl Talk is Changing the Conversation

Girl Talk is not your usual FAQ service - simply because, the questions women are bringing here are ones that may be common in the heads of millions of women in India, but are not frequently addressed in the public. That’s the bonus of joining a platform as vibrant as Girl Talk, because it gives space to a mix of women from every walk of life who can share advice and personal experiences to help you overcome your own problems. 

By discussing the undiscussed, Girl Talk is trying to open up the Indian discourse to accommodate voices that go unheard in the mainstream. Conversations that are important and exclusive to the experience of being a woman - say, for instance, topics such as unequal boob size or getting your mom to allow you to use tampons instead of pads - have long been labelled as taboo and brushed under the carpet with silent whispers. Girl Talk is trying to pull up the carpet and bring them out, by breaking the taboo loud and without shame. Because they are important to you, to us, and every other woman who goes through these experiences.


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At Girl Talk, Someone is Always Listening

Girl Talk is a safe zone where seats are unlimited, and every woman can find space for herself. Having trouble with an ex? Talk to us. Nervous about having sex for the first time? Talk to us. Want to leave your marriage and start alone? Talk to us. Talk to us about anything, everything. We’re urging women, and everyone reading, to think, ask, and question all that society tells us not to think about “because you’re a woman.”

Let’s love ourselves for being women. Come, be a part of the conversation at Girl Talk. Email or  DM at instagram

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