Five foolproof ways to be a morning person, do you make the cut?

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Is being a morning person a myth? I have struggled with understanding why. I for one feel it’s a blessing to bask in the beauty of nature. The soothing sound of chirping birds, fresh air, the early morning walks just help to rejuvenate our health and soul. There are innumerable benefits of becoming a morning person. The day becomes so productive, our efficiency increases, physical and mental health improves and one can take more restful sleep. However, when it comes to the implementation of this early waking formula it seems to be a complete debacle, especially among millennials. Changing lifestyle, late-night plans coupled with lethargic attitude stops us from becoming a morning person.

Here are five foolproof ways to become a morning person, at least the ones that worked for me.

1. Don’t snooze your alarm- Hitting the snooze button makes you feel more tired. It screws up your sleep cycles and starts your day by procrastinating. This shows a lack of discipline in your life and if you really want to become a disciplined person, then waking early in the morning is only way out. Keep your phone away from your bed so that you have to get up to turn off the alarm.

2. Stay away from electronics – The brightness of your phone, tablet or laptop screen before bedtime can negatively affect your sleep patterns. Try to limit your phone usage during the night as once you start scrolling Instagram then there is no going back. Instead of using your phone read a book as it helps you to fall asleep earlier.

3. Try to make it a habit- Initially, waking up early in the morning is a difficult task but once it becomes a habit you will definitely enjoy it. Try to change your routine slowly and switch into the new one. Do things that make you happy like cycling, yoga, morning walk or meditation. Taking this route gives a higher level of enthusiasm and makes you more mindful.

4. Avoid caffeine consumption – Caffeine is a kind of addiction that deprives you of healthy sleep. It is impossible to give it all together but you can limit its consumption to one or two drinks. Try to substitute it with a glass full of milk.

5. Find yourself a reason- All the action in our lives are driven by some purpose. Ask yourself why you want to become a morning person? Try to look at the plus points of it. Find a reason and motivation that ignite the flame inside you to achieve that goal. For example, I follow the morning routine as it helps to lose my weight, gives me more confidence and energy throughout the day.