Ahmedabad’s Women Entrepreneurs Prove That Skills Have No Gender

Ahmedabad women entrepreneurs

Even in this day and age, patriarchy still can’t digest that women and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand. But time and again, women entrepreneurs have proved that gender has nothing to do with business skills. That all you need is a good idea and a lot of guts and hard work to build a business on. So, we bring you some of Ahmedabad’s successful female entrepreneurs, who have broken the stereotypes related to women and business, and who have carved a niche for themselves in the game of economics.

Kavita Sharma Khandadia, Co-founder, MyTripKarma



Ahmedabad women entrepreneurs

Kavita Sharma Khandadia Co-founder, MyTripKarma

Modern day travel can be quite complex. In the end we browse numerous sites for price comparisons, booking and communications. Storing all the information and managing the same is tedious and is definitely time-consuming, to say the least. “We thought it would be amazing if we could do all of this through one app and store all information in one place something on the lines of a command center. Thus the idea of MyTripKarma was born,” says Kavita.

Always take the risk” is what Kavita says and believes in.

Nikita Maheshwari, Founder, Tatkal lorry, Co-founder, Tile Bazzar

Ahmedabad women entrepreneurs

Nikita Maheshwari, Founder, Tatkal lorry, Co-founder, Tile Bazzar

Tatkal Lorry is a tech-enabled platform that aims to connect the transportation fraternity with the manufacturers & dealers fraternity to help products reach at the right time at the right price. “Tatkal lorry did the unthinkable in this Industry and it is today an online on-demand logistics platform (Truck & Part load/Parcel), which connects the transporters, truck drivers, dealers and manufacturers on single real time platform,” says Nikita.

Her driving force is a mantra which she practices daily, “Any kind of set-back is a mindset”.

Geetika Saluja, Founder, Brand BOHO

Ahmedabad women entrepreneurs

Geetika Saluja, Founder, Brand BOHO

BOHO Homes is designed like a quaint old walk through French village which gives an amazing shopping experience of bringing nature in your spaces with its contemporary and vintage furniture and architectural accents for home, garden indoor and outdoor spaces. “We at BOHO believe that your home, garden and professional spaces should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love,” says she. Since more than twenty years Geetika is into designing and manufacturing FSC (Forest Stewardship Council ) certified products that reduce the burden on the environment and caters to export markets. “Our innate urge to cater and get recognition in the local market led to the establishment of our store BOHO” Geetika elaborates.

Her go to mantra is, “Spread the wings, Cross the oceans while remaining rooted in our culture and ethos. Take pride in being Indian and Make in India.”

Tanya Shah, Cofounder and Director, TOYCRA

Ahmedabad women entrepreneurs

Tanya Shah, Cofounder and Director, TOYCRA

 “I joined my husband’s idea of founding TOYCRA post our MBA, and I handle retail, events, marketing & institutional sales. We have been the driving team ever since,” says Tanya Shah. Their strong brick & mortar presence along with the vast product line, superior product knowledge and understanding of Indian consumers’ growing need has enabled us to become the largest E-commerce vendor in Toys category on all top E-commerce platforms in India like Amazon and Flipkart in short span of three years.

Tanya’s motto is, “Balance balance balance! You can’t leave responsibilities towards your family for work and vice versa. Anyone who tells you that you can’t try to have it all is maybe not working hard enough”.

Swati Verma, Founder, 99, Barkville

Ahmedabad women entrepreneurs

Swati Verma, Founder, 99, Barkville

“99, Barkville is what we call the home to the dogs that have no place of their own, given up, abused and abandoned, this place provide solace to all,” says Swati. Through their venture we spread the awareness, we try and reduce the sufferings of stray dogs and homeless pedigree dogs. 99, Barkville shelters the orphan, old and disabled dogs in its best capacity.  Swati has always worked with dog sterilization programs and promotes adoption of desi dogs and loves to work with communities trying to solve their stray dog problems into creating more coexistence friendly awareness and who sincerely believes in “Those who want to complain, complain. Those who want better, create “Better”.

Vidhya Rana Vyas, Co-Founder, Innovator at LoveForSalad  

Ahmedabad women entrepreneurs

Vidhya Rana Vyas, Co-Founder, Innovator at LoveForSalad

A team Tech entrepreneurs brought to the city a unique concept- replacing the meals with healthy, yummy, tummy-filling salads. Lovely taco bowl with a salad in it, a health-drink, a healthy filler and a nut to end with. Vya says, “A pure heart finds its true calling. Despite being an engineer, unless I plunged for LoveForSalad, I never knew the sagely yummy food lover in me, that came out in the form of LoveForSalad-an online salad bar by geeks!

Her go-to mantra is “Walk an extra mile to make a difference,” further adding, “The future of India should also know the women of modern India for powers of innovation and setting a tradition of making a mark in entrepreneurship”.

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