Why Women Are Better Suited For Entrepreneurship

Swati Dham
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Entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They are people who have come forward in solving society’s problems. Entrepreneurship was always thought of as a risk-taking activity which was specifically left for the men till a few decades ago. People would assume that entrepreneurs are gamblers who had inherited entrepreneurial skills. These thoughts and beliefs are now getting challenged. Being an entrepreneur is no more about inheriting entrepreneurial skills, but about pursuing your passion by taking calculated risks. Being an entrepreneur is about loving what you are passionate about.


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Entrepreneurship is no more a male-dominated domain.

Women are blessed with high Emotional Quotient as well as a supreme ability to juggle between multiple roles. This makes them more suitable for the startup route. The trouble lies in the fact that in the Indian context, women have always been the primary nurturer in a family and are expected to be a constant source of affection. And in this process, they sometimes forget to love themselves and care for their own passions. Many women have acknowledged that their passion faded in the daily humdrum of home, children and maybe even work.

As women have chosen to enter every walk of life, entrepreneurship is no more a male domain.

However, some of us are dying to step out, but not sure whether it is the right time or not? Whether we have it in ourselves to do it? Can this be made into something sustainable and valuable? If these are the thoughts meandering in your mind too, all you need to do is answer the following questions:

Am I creating VALUE?


Most people want to start a business and make money, but a true entrepreneur is one who creates value instead of wealth. If what I’m making or selling is not of value to the audience, I won’t be able to do it for a long time. Sooner or later people will stop coming back for it.

A true entrepreneur is one who creates value instead of wealth.

Who is my first customer?

The biggest mistake which nearly every entrepreneur makes is that they assume they know everything about their customer's choice. Spend time trying to know your customer, what does he/she do for a living, what is his or her daily routine. How much time do they spend on social media and so on? This helps you to design an offering which is loved by your customer. And find out how, where and when to reach out to them.

Am I Innovative and Innovating?

Today’s customer is spoilt for choices. There are too many options in every possible shape and size. If your offering is not unique it would not be taken up by a customer. Even if you have been able to get some initial customers, you can only retain their interest and loyalty if you are constantly innovating to remain unique.


Of course, these are the first three rules, while as we progress through our entrepreneurial journey further inputs and mentoring are required for which today we have many professional mentors available.

Women today have stepped out of their comfort zone and are breaking the glass ceiling all around. They are in every profession from home chefs to fintechs - edutechs service providers to problem solvers who are solving various day to day problems for people around them. These are women who love themselves, as entrepreneurship is after all  their TRUE LOVE!

Dr Swatti Dham is a certified trainer for Basic Entrepreneurship courses and is also trained in Marketing Analytics and Machine Learning. The views expressed are the author's own.

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