5 Documentaries On Female Pop Stars You Should Watch Before 2020 Ends

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There are several female pop stars who have been mesmerising us with their jaw dropping performances since a long time. However, there is a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance which goes into making them who they are today. Each one of them has an inspiring story to share. What we see today is a result of years of struggle, failure, rejection but above all, determination. In an industry that is primarily dominated by men, it is not just difficult but also immensely challenging to become a successful woman. Let us give a quick glance to five documentaries which showcase the struggles and hard work of some popular female music artistes.

1. BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky

Directed by Caroline Suh, this 2020 documentary film revolves around the story of the South Korean girl band ‘Blackpink‘. It mirrors in detail the journey of the group as a team and also as individuals. The movie encompasses how the girls made their mark in the pop music industry. It has been defined as “an endearing documentary that empathises each member’s individuality.”

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2. TWICE: Seize The Light

This is a 9 episode YouTube Original series documenting TWICE’s backstage life while they were on their ‘TWICELIGHTS’ tour. It is directed by Heejin Jeong and Jungho Li. The series captures how the girls conquer all their tensions through trust and mutual dependence. They believe in unity and friendship among themselves and this is exactly what we get to witness throughout the series. It is a treat for all K-Pop fans and especially the Onces (the fandom of TWICE).

3. Miss Americana

Directed by Lana Wilson, this documentary presents before us the ups and downs of pop star Taylor Swift’s  life. It holds up her journey of making the albums Reputation (2017) and Lover (2019). The film is created with snippets from interviews, home videos as well as studio and concert recordings.

4. The Go-Go’s

The Go-Go’s happens to be the first all-girl band to compose original songs, play its own musical instruments and top the Billboard charts. Filmmaker Alison Ellwood, in her documentary brings forth the progression of this successful rock band.

5. Ariana: Excuse Me, I Love You

This documentary is all set to release on Dec 21, 2020 as a Netflix original. It will be bringing forth Ariana Grande’s on-stage and off-stage scenes during her Sweetener World tour, 2019. We are all looking forward to its release and hoping that it will add some colour to this otherwise dull year.

So these were some documentaries made on the lives of our favorite female pop stars this year. But there are many more talented artistes whose stories are yet to be told. Let us hope to see the tales of more and more female rockstars come to light in the upcoming times. They are all strong inspiring women who teach us that giving up is never an option. No matter how many times you fail, you shouldn’t stop chasing your dreams. There will be obstacles and tough times but once you dare to dream, sky is the limit for you. Which female pop singer’s story would you love to know? Tell us in the comments below.

Dipanwita is an intern with SheThePeople.TV