Woman Sparks Debate After BF Asks Her To Not Fart And Be 'Ladylike'

In a baffling incident shared on Reddit, a woman's natural bodily function triggered her boyfriend's request for restraint, based on "ladylike" etiquette. The ensuing discussions revealed rooted gender biases & the importance of dismantling such norms.

Harnur Watta
Aug 30, 2023 18:07 IST
Image credits: Quora

Image credits: Quora

In an era marked by discussions about equality and the equitable treatment of all genders, the persistence of archaic expectations and double standards remains a puzzling aspect of modern relationships. 

A recent incident recounted by a woman on Reddit sheds light on the bizarre expectations placed upon women and the unfortunate reality of not always being seen as individuals with their own bodily autonomy and natural functions. 

This incident not only highlights the quirkiness of the situation but also serves as a poignant reminder of the ongoing struggle for true gender parity.

Navigating the Absurdity


The internet is replete with astonishing stories, and occasionally, one surfaces that challenges the very notion of progress. 

The story in question revolves around a woman who recently moved in with her boyfriend, and an unexpected encounter in the kitchen brought to the fore the strangeness of societal norms and etiquette. 

Accidentally breaking wind, a natural bodily occurrence that transcends gender boundaries, became a catalyst for a bewildering scenario.

AITA for farting in front of my partner?

by u/throwaway1083672513 in AmItheAsshole

The woman candidly admitted that flatulence is a normal part of her daily life, occurring both when she is awake and even during her sleep. 


However, her partner's reaction was far from accepting or understanding. 

He shockingly requested her to restrain herself from such natural reflexes, offering the rather audacious justification of etiquette and societal expectations exclaiming to her that it is not very “ladylike”. 

This incident not only invites scrutiny but also begs the question: Are women still perceived as bound by antiquated gender-specific behaviours despite the modern strides towards equality?


Peeling Back the Layers

Delving into the heart of this perplexing situation, it's evident that societal expectations often clash with the reality of human nature. 

The woman's partner demonstrated a clear disconnect between natural bodily functions and ingrained gender perceptions. 


This dissonance, unfortunately, reflects a larger issue: the pervasive tendency to undermine women's autonomy and individuality by holding them to illogical standards.

In her appeal to the Reddit community, the woman shared her partner's astonishing request not to "push it out," illustrating a patronising attitude that harks back to a bygone era. 

She recounted his grumbling dissatisfaction and his implication that her behaviour deviated from his expectations of ladylike conduct. 


Such instances underscore how deeply ingrained gender biases can impact even the most seemingly mundane aspects of a relationship.

Double Standards and Unmasking Hypocrisy

The Reddit community rallied around the woman, offering a resounding chorus of support and insight. 

Many commenters highlighted the undeniable fact that gender does not negate physiological needs, emphasising that flatulence is a universal truth that transcends societal norms. 

The glaring hypocrisy of holding women to a different standard when it comes to bodily functions was laid bare, prompting a vital dialogue about the importance of dismantling double standards.

Unsurprisingly, queries were raised about potential double standards, with one commenter posing the question: Should the woman's boyfriend also be required to exit the room whenever the need arises?

 This pointed inquiry sheds light on the glaring inequity that often goes unnoticed. 

Additionally, the notion of suppressing natural bodily functions was dissected, with Reddit users drawing attention to potential health repercussions that could arise from such suppression over extended periods.

Amidst Persistence

While the woman's encounter with her boyfriend unveils the persistence of antiquated norms, it also offers a glimpse of the progress that has been achieved. 

The collective support from the online community signifies a growing awareness of the need to challenge and redefine traditional gender roles. 

This incident serves as a reminder that while there is still much ground to cover, conversations surrounding such peculiar incidents can contribute to a broader dialogue about equality and mutual respect within relationships.

This incident underscores the importance of fostering an environment where women can freely embrace their natural bodily functions without facing reproach or shame. 

It is a call to action to continue dismantling the gender biases that persist in even the most mundane corners of modern life. As we reflect on this story, may it serve as a catalyst for broader conversations about the journey towards genuine gender equality and the recognition of women as complete individuals, unfettered by outdated norms and expectations.

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