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5 Underwear Mistakes Women Make

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Don’t make these 5 underwear mistakes to maintain proper vaginal health as it is an important part of a woman’s overall health. Being irresponsible about your intimate area can lead to undesirable outcomes such as infection and irritation.
  1. Staying in sweaty undies

Women who sweat should change their underwear regularly or at least twice a day. On usual day, after workouts underwear changes are a must as the sweat generation moistens the vaginal area which results in a perfect environment for yeast to grow. In case you’re unable to change your underwear after a workout, use panty liners.

  1. Wearing underwear that is too tight

Notwithstanding the visible lines but also the discomfort due to tight underwear can cause chaffing of the skin and vaginal irritation, especially if you are post-menopausal.

  1. Not wearing an underwear during the day

This will lead the seam of the bottom wear to constantly rub against your vulva, creating friction and damaging your sensitive tissues. Moreover, the natural moisture produced by the vagina has nowhere to go when you are not wearing an underwear.

  1. Wearing underwear that are made of synthetic fabrics or silk

Synthetic fabrics and silk are not at all breathable which increases the risk of moisture being trapped and retained which can cause yeast and bacterial infection. Prefer light breathable fabrics such as cotton instead.

  1. Thongs

If your vaginal area is sensitive or prone to yeast and bacterial infections then it is advisable to avoid wearing thongs. Also, they can be a unique transport vehicle for bacteria from the back to the front, from the anus to the vaginal area. Being in constant touch with the vagina, thongs can be a little irritating too. If your vaginal conditions are normal, then you can opt for thongs, just make sure you find the right one for you.

Keep in mind your personal preference, skin irritability threshold and chances for infection and choose the right underwear for yourself!

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