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Types Of Vaginal Discharge Every Girl Should Know About

Types Of Vaginal Discharge
Types Of Vaginal Discharge: Has some sticky substance on your panties often left you puzzled? Wondering what its origin is? Are you unsure if it is healthy or there is something fishy with your body? Well, the sticky substance coming out of your vagina is actually vaginal discharge meant to keep your vagina healthy.

Vaginal discharge is an absolutely healthy process meant to ensure that your vagina gets rid of unwanted substances from time to time. However, one thing to note is that there are different types and colours of vaginal discharge. 

In consultation with Dr Tanaya Narendra, a millennial doctor focused on women’s health and sexual wellness, here’s a detailed explanation of what each color denotes and whether it is a matter of concern or not

1. Transparent

If your discharge is transparent, it is absolutely normal. This kind of discharge is sticky to touch with the finger. It can sometimes appear creamy or white or light grey and according to Dr. Tanaya, that’s normal too.

2. Red

A number of times, you can spot a tinge of red colour in your discharge. It usually indicates that your period date is around the corner. It is normal too. However, if you are not expecting your periods and you get this red discharge, you must consult your doctor.

3. Brown

If you get brownish discharge before, during, or after your period, it is normal. It is just indicative of residue from the recent period cycle. You must be wondering why it is brown in colour? It is brown because your vagina has an acidic environment which can turn blood brown by digesting it. In case, you spot brownish discharge any other time, it is not normal and you should consult your doctor.

4. Green Or Yellow

According to Dr. Tanaya, green, yellow, and sometimes even blue discharge can mean that you are suffering from a sexually transmitted infections or STI.  STIs like chlamydia or gonorrhoea can give you green or yellow colour discharge. Again, consult your doctor for the same.

5. Curdy White

If there is a fungal infection down there, your discharge will look like curd. Besides this, your vagina will also feel itchy. On top of it, if your discharge smells “fishy” or “ammonia-like” or “metallic.”, it could indicate bacterial vaginosis, which signals a change in the pH balance of your vagina. Such a situation needs immediate consultation with the doctor.

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