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Deepika Padukone’s Must-CheckOut Yoga Regime

deepika padukone yoga
Deepika Padukone yoga regime has her Instafam in knots. How does one start yoga, to what’s the ideal asana to stretch, all sorts of questions are on her timeline. Padukone recently posted her love for yoga on her Instagram saying ‘I am in love with my mat…’ triggering a slew of conversations on her being a yoga freak and how.

From time to time she puts out asanas she is experimenting with. The actress effortlessly slays it with or without her mat. Her pictures on the #EkaPadaChakrasana or the one legged Wheel Pose are getting fans interested in experimenting the same.

Here’s a look at what all makes Padukone’s yoga-fitness going.

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutations: It’s called a full body workout. Surya namaskars are a Padukone favourite to kickstart the regime before getting into specific stretches and needs of her body. As per the scriptures, this yoga exercise is complete in itself encompassing physical and mental wellness and strength. Read more about surya namaskars and its benefits.

Cat stretch:  This is mainly done to strength the spine and also to relax it. Because the weight falls on the wrists and shoulders, the exercise also strengthens both those parts. It works on toning the core as well and sometimes is also supplemented by the camel stretch to strength back as well. This asana is considered quite beneficial in preventing back pain and maintaining a strong spine.

Shoulder stand: It’s part of many workout regimes. In yoga this asana  is known to stimulate glands and cut down pressure on the thyroid and parathyroid gland. Many Indian women suffer from hyper/hypo thyroidism and this asana helps in normalising that issue.  The asana is well known for full body blood circulation which in turn activates many organs, cells and blood flow, helping us eliminate laziness and inertia in the body.

Warrior pose: It improve balance, it brings stability of posture and the warrior pose is considered a most holistic pose. It’s a good stretch for the entire body as it involves arms, shoulders, thighs and back muscles all at one go.

Deep breathing: From the usual aum-vilom exercises to lambe gehre saans or deep breathing, yoga is as much about breathing to release toxins, as it is about physical strength. Breathing, most yoga experts say, is good to keep blood flow and body rhythm in check.

Padukone’s instructor, Anushuka praises Padukone about her shapeshifting saying via an Insta post — “keeping it bendy & strong with the #EkaPadaChakrasana – One legged Wheel Pose. Because… you really are that flexible & strong in your spine than you are in your mind 🙌⁣”