Who Is Park Eun-bin? All About Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Lead Actor

Park Eun-bin
Park Eun Bin has made a name for herself as Woo Young-Woo in the South Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The 29-year-old actor portrays an exceptional trainee lawyer who is on the autism spectrum with an IQ of 164.

While the role and the drama have been creating a buzz on social media platforms and have been on the Top 10 list on Netflix. The actor’s performance has been received well by the audience globally.

Who Is Park Eun-bin?

In an interview with The Swoon, the actor revealed, “When I got this role, I felt a sense of responsibility. Without hurting anybody’s feelings, will I be able to embrace everything and act naturally in this role? That was my biggest concern.”

She also said, “I thought I should make my own version of Young-woo, so no one would feel unpleasant or offended. I decided not to imitate a real person or a character that already exists. I referred to books and played the character in my own way.” Adding to this she said, “There is a diagnostic criteria that doctors use. There were a few things I should keep in mind. So, I imagined and acted them out. The director and the writer also wrote the answer they got after careful research and consideration. So I tried to express the text in detail. There were also professors to ask about autism spectrum disorder. The conversations with the professors were very helpful”. 

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Park Eun-bin debuted at the age of seven in 1998 in White Nights 3.98 starring Lee Jung Jae, Lee Byung Hun, Choi Min Soo, and Shim Eun Ha and has acted in numerous television series as a child actor and younger version of various characters. Her first leading role was in the 2012 time-travel drama Operation Proposal alongside Yoo Seung-ho.

After starring in Operation Proposal, Park returned to doing supporting roles and cameos (in 2016’s Entertainer)  in numerous series until she gained recognition for her character in the 2016 series Hello, My Twenties! and its sequel in 2017.

In 2017, she starred in the legal drama SBS’s Judge vs Judge where she played the role of Lee Jung-joo who is a hot-tempered judge in Seoul District court and incapable of holding her emotions to vent shameless defendants with unspeakable words. She was also cast in KBS2’s The Ghost Detective in 2018 playing the role of Jung Yeo-wool.

In 2019, Park starred in her most successful project, SBS TV’s Hot Stove League. With a starting rating of three per cent, the series reached a peak rating of more than 20 per cent and won Best Drama at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards, the Korean equivalent of the Academy Awards.

In 2020, she casted in a musical romance drama Do You Like Brahms?, in which she played the role of Chae Song Ah who is a violinist co-starring Kim Min-jae. The actor has been playing violin since she was a child and was even a member of her college orchestra. “I always wanted to appear in a drama that required me to play the violin, so meeting Chae Song Ah is like fate for me”, she said in an interview

To portray her character realistically she said, “I didn’t want to just pretend that I was playing the violin, I actually wanted to play it for my scenes. In order to look like someone who is pursuing a major in violin, rather than someone who knows just the basics, I’ve really been giving it my all and taking lessons whenever I have free time to rehearse”. For this role she also bagged the Top Excellence Actress Award at 2020 SBS Drama Awards.

She played Crown Prince Yi Hwi in the historical series The King’s Affection in 2021 alongside Rowoon. For her portrayal of the cross-dressing heroine she was awarded the Top Excellence Actress Award at the KBS Drama Awards as well as a Best Actress nomination at the 58th Baeksang Arts Awards.

In 2022, Park starred in Park Hoon-jung’s action-horror film The Witch: Part 2. The Other One, sequel to the 2018 film The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion that starred Kim Da-mi, Jo Min-su, the Parasite actor Choi woo-shik and Park Hee-soon in lead roles. In the same year she was also casted for Extraordinaru Attorney Woo where she plates the titular role of Woo Young woo who is a rookie attorney on autism spectrum.