Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 8: Release Date, Time And Where to Watch

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 8 release date, Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 8 Release Date
The South Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has been creating buzz on social media due to its popularity. The show is all set to release its latest episode 8.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo starring Park Eun Bin, and Kang Tae ho. The story revolves around Woo Young-woo, a 27-year-old lawyer, with an autism spectrum. She is a smart woman with an IQ of 164 and has an great memory where she never forgets about whatever she sees. She works at a large law firm in the country as a trainee lawyer but lacks social skills. Due to this, she faces a stigma and prejudice from her peers and colleagues.

Whenever she works on a case, she always looks into it from a different and unique perspective which is what makes her stand out as a lawyer and also from her peer group. These cases also help her grow as a person and teach her certain life lessons.

As she solves cases in her unique way, talks about her obsession with whales and shows us what she is capable of, we can’t help but fall more in love with her.

If you are also someone who is been following her, you must have also been excited and curious to find out when the new episode of this kdrama will be released. Here’s everything you need to know about Episode 8, including its release date, time and where to watch it.

Where can you watch the South Korean series Extraordinary Attorney Woo?

For Koreans, the series airs on the television broadcasting channel ENA on Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm KST. While international viewers can watch the kdrama on Netflix at 7 pm IST.

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 8 Release Date

The series premiered on ENA and Netflix on June 29, 2022. The latest episode of the series i.e. episode 8 is scheduled to be released on July 21 at 9 pm KST on the South Korean broadcasting channel, ENA and with subtitles for international fans on Netflix at 7 pm IST (10:30 pm KST).

How many Episodes does the show have?

Like all the standard Korean dramas the show also has 16 episodes. Each episode of the series is of more than 1 hour run with each episode airing two days a week i.e. Wednesdays and Thursdays.