What Can Fans Expect From Virgin River Season 5?

Virgin River was renewed for both Season 4 and 5 earlier in 2021.

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Virgin River Season 5 was also confirmed back in 2021 along with its fourth season. While Virgin River Season 4 is yet to be out on Netflix, fans have already started speculating about the fifth season. Read below to find out what fans can expect from Season 5.

Virgin River Season 4 is still in the works and is expected to be out as soon as the second or third quarter of 2022. The show is based on Robyn Carr's debut novel by the same name. The Netflix romance-drama series premises follows the story of nurse practitioner Mel Monroe as she decides to restart her life in a secluded town in Northern California.

The show has amassed popularity since its debut in 2019. Actors Alexandra Breckenridge, Annette O'Toole, Martin Henderson, Colin Lawrence along with Tim Matheson and Lauren Hammersley are part of the show's cast.

Virgin River Season 3 left the fans wondering about many cliffhangers presented in the season finale. Creator Sue Tenney has assured the audience that they will soon watch characters Mel (Breckenridge) and Jack (Henderson) getting married in Season 4. It will also include prominent presence of Hope McCrea, played by Annette O'Toole, who was not able to film for Season 3 earlier. The biological father of Mel's baby will also be reportedly revealed in Virgin River Season 4.

While the fans are eagerly waiting for these questions to be addressed soon, they are not behind on wondering about Virgin River Season 5.

The show had been renewed for both its fourth and fifth season earlier in 2021. However, the filming for Season 5 had to be delayed as reported by Alexandra Breckenridge back in January. "We were supposed to start in March but it’s been pushed so I don’t know," she said. While Season 4 will reportedly contain 12 episodes unlike the previous trend of 10 episodes, it is hard to say if it will become the new normal for the forthcoming seasons as well.

The plot for Season 5 still remains a mystery since the events will be hugely based on how the fourth season ends. As for Virgin River Season 5 release date, it is difficult to suggest when it will release since there is no official release date for season 4 as well. Yet, fans should not expect the show to return with Season 5 any time before 2023.


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