When Sheetal Thakur Gave Vikrant Massey 'Pocket Money' For Auditions

In a recent interview with Unfiltered by Samdish, Vikrant Massey shed light on his transition from television to cinema, emphasising the pivotal role played by his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Sheetal Thakur.

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Vikrant Massey, the versatile actor known for his compelling performances, has been garnering immense love and appreciation for his latest film, 12th Fail. In a recent interview with Unfiltered by Samdish, Massey shed light on his transition from television to cinema, emphasising the pivotal role played by his then-girlfriend, now-wife, Sheetal Thakur. Despite achieving financial success in the television industry, Massey opted to pursue more fulfilling roles in films. He disclosed that while he used to earn a staggering ₹35 lakh per month during his television stint, it was the regressive content on TV that led him to seek creative satisfaction in cinema.


The pivotal moment came when realised that financial security did not equate to inner peace. Despite his lucrative TV career, he felt compelled to explore new opportunities in the world of cinema, driven by a desire for creative satisfaction. His decision to embark on this journey was met with surprise from his parents, who were understandably taken aback by his choice to start over in a new industry despite his financial success.

Vikrant Massey Opens Up About Partner's Crucial Role During Struggling Days

One of the most touching revelations from Vikrant Massey was his acknowledgement of the unwavering support he received from his then-girlfriend, now-wife Sheetal Thakur. As Vikrant's savings dwindled after he transitioned to films, Thakur stepped in to provide him with financial assistance for auditions. 

He shared, "My savings got exhausted in a year and then my wife Sheetal (his girlfriend at the time) used to give me pocket money for auditions." This act of love and support from Sheetal allowed Vikrant to pursue his passion without the burden of financial constraints, demonstrating the strength of their relationship.


In 2022, Vikrant and Sheetal tied the knot, marking a new chapter in their lives. Recently, the couple welcomed their first child, a son, further cementing their bond. Vikrant's journey from television to cinema, coupled with Sheetal's unwavering support, serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of following one's dreams and having a strong support system.

Vikrant Massey and Sheetal Thakur's narrative highlights a broader shift in societal norms regarding financial support within relationships. They are not alone in challenging the stereotype that a man relying on his partner for financial assistance is shameful. Other B-Town couples have also shared their experiences, shedding light on the significance of unwavering support in relationships, regardless of gender roles.

Other Bollywood Actors Who Opened About Taking Financial Support From Wives

These couples have spoken out against the stigma associated with men seeking financial help from their partners. Instead, they have embraced the idea that true partnership involves mutual support and encouragement, especially during challenging times.

Shah Rukh Khan, like many others, faced his fair share of challenges and setbacks in his journey to success. During his early days in the industry, it was his wife, Gauri, who took on the responsibility of supporting their family financially. Even during the lockdown, Shah Rukh revealed that Gauri was the primary breadwinner, showcasing her unwavering support.

Similarly, Pankaj Tripathi, now a celebrated actor in Bollywood, faced a difficult path to stardom. After his marriage, he struggled for eight years to secure work, relying on his wife Mridula Tripathi's earnings while he managed household chores. Mridula worked as a school teacher to sustain their family, and the actor credits her support for his success in the industry.

Another prominent figure, Ayushmann Khurrana, faced challenges establishing himself as an actor before finding fame. During this period, his wife, Tahira Kashyap, worked as a teacher in various colleges, while Khurrana took on odd jobs to make ends meet. Khurrana has openly acknowledged his dependence on Kashyap's earnings during their difficult times, recognising her pivotal role in their journey to success.

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