Paoli Dam Is Known For Her Unconventional Roles: 6 Inspiring Quotes From Her

Paoli Dam Inspiring Quotes

Paoli Dam made her debut in Bollywood in 2012 with Vivek Agnihotri directorial Hate Story in a very bold role but by that time she had established herself as a popular Bengali actress. Some of her movies include Kaalbela, Chatrak, Bedroom and Kontho. Dam also acted in the role of Binodini in the Netflix original film Bulbbul.

Dam was caught in controversy while shooting for Sri Lankan director Vimukthi Jayasundara’s film Chhatrak (Mushroom) in 2011. The nude scene which got leaked caused an uproar and was banned in India. The film, however, had a red carpet screening at the 64th Cannes International Film Festival.

She has won millions of hearts across the country with her marvellous performances. Her fans also love her because of her personality and choice of complex and unconventional roles. Here’s a list of some inspiring Paoli Dam quotes.

6 Inspiring Paoli Dam Quotes

In Paoli’s interview with Soumi Das, she expressed her views on the recent trend of Feminism in Indian cinema. Here are a few excerpts from the same.

On women portrayal on-screen

“Yes of course, the kind of films which are happening these days, especially me being a part of a lot of women-oriented films which are extremely strong characters and women of substance. I am fortunate enough to bag those roles. But even if you take female actors from yesteryears like Rekha, Sridevi, Madhuri though mainstream but still all played very strong women characters. Even in recent days actors like Kangana, Vidya Balan, I think they all are doing very prominent roles where the story content is not at all male dominated. A lot of change has also been seen in the technicalities of the portrayal of female characters. I think the regressive mind-set is changing over the years.”

Women Standing up for their rights

“Yes, you know when it comes to cinema people enjoy a lot, but in real life it is not so easily accepted. Women are supposed to be submissive, docile and polite. It is not so that all of these attributes are wrong, but a woman’s patience cannot be put to test for long, and to bring about change it is they themselves who have to stand up for their own rights.”

On Feminist Films

“I do not want to sound feminist, but about the recent films I would like to start with Pink, the one I recently watched and loved. Certain things are ingrained in our minds as we grow up. Like the do’s and don’ts especially for a boy and a girl. Similarly this film also challenges and questions the society and I think somewhere down the line the time has come for women to say ‘NO’ to a lot of things.”

Father as a role model

“What I loved in Pink was the character of Amitabh Bachchan, the lawyer who being a man kept fighting for women’s right. I have been fortunate enough to have seen my father be my constant support system with an un-diminishing faith in me. Hence my role model is my father, because I have seen him do a lot of things which any other man would think twice.”

Gender Bias

“Yes, definitely it does both in Bollywood and regional films. When it comes to remuneration the male actors obviously get paid more. Most of the times we see the script and narrative is prepared in such a way that the male actors get an upper hand get an over their female counterparts. Isn’t this the typical mind-set about cinema? Here girls are expected to be ‘goody goody’, glamorous, eye candy types but its glad to see that we are gradually coming out of this shell and through our works have been able to hammer out somewhere that we deserve better.”

On Nudity In Films

She had told The Telegraph, “Depends on who the director is, why the scene is important and whether I am convinced but like I have always said, anything for cinema.”

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Picture Credit; Indiatimes