Why We Need More Men To Think Like Pankaj Tripathi

"More than 'Beti Bachao', it is important to realise that 'bete ko samjao aur bete ko behatareen admi banao', then we won’t need to save our daughters anymore," Pankaj Tripathi said in an interview.

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Pankaj Tripathi Quotes. Here are seven feminist quotes and dialogues by the remarkable actor, husband and father that promise to make us rethink the idea of equality.

Pankaj Tripathi has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Be it his impeccable comic roles or his exceptional portrayal of serious and layered characters, his rise to fame within a short span of time make us question why we didn't recognise the gem of an actor earlier since he has been part of the industry for many years now.

Apart from his expertise in acting, another aspect of his personality which makes him stand out is his unapologetic feminist attitude and beliefs. From donning the role of a progressive father of the titular character in Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl to admitting that there is nothing wrong in husbands taking financial help from their wives, Pankaj Tripathi has proven his brilliance not only in terms of his work on screen, but also in his pursuit of smashing patriarchy as a male ally.

Here are 7 quotes by Ludo's Sattu Bhaiyya which make us whole-heartedly respect and admire his way of thinking:

His dialogues as Gunjan's father in Gujan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

His portrayal of Anup Saxena, Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena's father has garnered widespread acclaim not only for his realistic acting, but also for the hard-hitting dialogues he delivered as the progressive and feminist father, who supported his daughter's ambitions all throughout in spite of the hurdles put up by the society.

Moreover, he also played a similar role of a liberal father who has no issues with the sensible choices his daughter makes on her own, in Kriti Sanon starrer Bareily Ki Barfi


“Yeh duniya kitni mushkil hai auraton ke liye ... par uska hal pinjre mein qaid ho jaana nahi hai ... pinjra todke udh jaana hai." ("The world is harsh for women, but the solution to it is not confining yourself in a cage. Break the cage and fly away!”)

"Plane ladka udae ya ladki, dono ko pilot hi bolte hain." ("Whether it is a man flying a plane or a woman, both of them would be called pilots anyway.")

On taking financial help from his wife

In a recent interview with SheThePeople, Pankaj Tripathi spoke in length about how he was financially supported by his wife Mridula Tripathi in the past, which he has already talked about in his previous interviews. The couple also revealed that Mridula was the breadwinner back then, and Pankaj used to cook in the kitchen.

He added that he failed to understand why it is such a big deal even now when a man seeks financial help from his wife. When he was asked how he felt about opening up about it, he explained that there's nothing to be shy about. Read more about it here.

"What's there to be shy about? Perhaps it has always been done, but there was no way for the earlier generations to talk about it. My profession gives me the chance to reach out to audiences therefore helping my thoughts reach a wider audience. So, I utilised the opportunity I have been bestowed upon by acknowledging my wife’s contribution."


“What I said was the truth, why should anybody hesitate from admitting a truth, whether it’s on national TV or any public forum? And why should people praise you so much for admitting what is the truth?”

On his relationship with his daughter

In the same interview, Pankaj Tripathy also opened up about his equation with his daughter and that it's like the relationship he portrayed with Kriti Sanon as his daughter in Bareily Ki Barfi. His wife also added, “I always say every daughter should have a father like him. She is the sole purpose of his life.”

“If we want change then the change has to start at home, we have to try to change, change the ethos of the family we belong to, then gradually the world will change too. People are educated and progressive to understand the need for change.”

"Sometimes it bothers me a bit, that we bring up a daughter and a son differently. I understand that sometimes it stems from concern. We let a boy go out to play but not do the same for a girl. Yes, they should get the freedom to do what they want."

"More than 'Beti Bachao', it is important to realise that 'bete ko samjao aur bete ko behatareen admi banao', then we won’t need to save our daughters anymore."


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