Meet The Lesser Known Women Of The Kapoor Family

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From Raj Kapoor to Taimur Ali Khan, we know every member of the Kapoor family. Being the first family of Bollywood, every member of this family has been in front of the eyes of the public.

Since Karishma Kapoor debuted in the film industry, the public has known almost every woman in the family.

But even in the age of social media where everyone knows everyone, and members of such a famous family have a huge fan following, there still are some members of the Kapoor family who stay away from the limelight of Bollywood.

Meet some of the lesser-known women of the Kapoor Family.

Aliya Kapoor

Aliya Kapoor is the granddaughter of the late Bollywood actor Shashi Kapoor. She is the daughter of model Lorna Tarling and Karan Kapoor and lives in London with her father and brother Zak.

Her parents got married in 1978 and eventually got divorced in 1993. Aliya Kapoor frequently visits India and is close with her extended family. She recently came in limelight for her pictures on social media.

Sanjana Kapoor

Sanjana Kapoor is a famous theatre artist who has been honoured with the French honour, ‘Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters) for her outstanding contribution in the field of theatre. She is extremely well known in the theatre circuit however has stayed away from social media.

Sanjana Kapoor is the daughter of Jennifer Kendal and Shashi Kapoor. She made her debut in Bollywood with the  1981 film Chowringhee lane. The French honour recepient has played a leading role in the 1989 film Hero Heralal and also played a role in Mira Nair’s Salaam Bombay.

Natasha Nanda

Natasha Nanda is the daughter of Ritu Nanda and the granddaughter of Raj Kapoor. She is also a businesswoman. She is a shareholder of RNIS, which is her mother’s company.

Eventhough she is a member of the Kapoor family, Nanda lives a life out of the limelight.

Aarti Sabharwal

Aarti Sabharwal is an Architect and Fashion Designer. She is the ex-wife of actor-filmmaker Rajiv Kapoor. They were in a relationship for two years then marrying in 2001.

The couple parted their ways in 2003. After the divorce, Sabharwal reportedly moved her business to Canada.

Kanchan Ketan Desai

Kanchan Ketan Desai is the daughter of Shammi Kapoor and his first wife Geeta Bali. She was maried to Ketan Desai, the son of Manmohan Desai.

Desai and her brother were never much known in the industry as they lived a comparatively simple life. She is the mother of two children, Pooja Desai and Raj Rajeshwari Desai.


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Meet The Lesser Known Women Of The Kapoor Family
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