Maisie Williams Breaks Down Recalling The ‘Traumatic’ Relationship With Her Father

Maisie Williams Breaks Down
Actor Maisie Williams recently talked about her father’s traumatic influence on her, claiming that he “indoctrinated” her into a “child cult” against her mother.

The Game of Thrones actor made a few revelations on the Diary of a CEO podcast, speaking with host Steven Bartlett. She stated, “Well, my relationship with my dad was pretty painful when I was a small child up to the age of eight. I really don’t want to delve too far into it because it affects my siblings and my entire family. ”

Williams continued by talking about her father and how much of her upbringing was actually taken up by that relationship. She has had a lot of trouble falling asleep for as long as she can remember. And she considers that she didn’t realise that many of the horrifying things that were happening were wrong. However, she was aware that when she looked around at the other children, she would wonder why they didn’t appear to understand her agony, dread, or fear… Where does the joy, like, when will that come for her?

Maisie Williams Breaks Down Recalling The ‘Traumatic’ Relationship

Williams recalled the moment when a teacher approached her personal and asked about her well-being. She said that the teacher was “asking all the correct questions,” such as what was wrong and whether she had eaten or was hungry. Williams in response told the teacher that “We don’t have breakfast”, recalled Williams. Williams was hesitant to accept the truth about her father which was gradually becoming clear since she believed her mother was “simply trying to separate her from her dad.”

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She explained, “I understand; I was in a child cult that was against my mother. I was really resisting it at first, but ultimately, my entire world was turned upside down. It went against everything I knew to be true, despite the feelings I was having, such as “Oh, my God, I’m so glad I don’t have to see my dad again.”

Williams, who doesn’t speak to her father anymore, has been learning how to deal with her trauma and come to terms with the past, realising along the way that she wasn’t at fault for her mistreatment. She explained that these negative experiences didn’t happen as a result of her doing anything wrong as a child, but rather because of her dysfunctional family everything was hurtful.

She is now more “interested” in the reasons behind a father’s abuse of his own children, adding that her opinion of him has been reduced to the notion that he would “make a fantastic documentary.”