Not Every Single Women Is Waiting For Their Prince Charming

single women, sushmita sen
Single women are always misunderstood. They are considered a woman who lacks something which is not letting marriage be a possibility in life. They are also labelled immoral for being against the social rule of women settling down as wives and bahu. Moreover, they are seen as a desperate damsel who is constantly looking for a partner. But why aren’t single women understood the way they are? Single by choice.

Today I came across a tweet that mentioned how single women try so hard to get a partner in life. Moreover, I also came across a video that detailed the feminine traits that can attract a man to a woman. Being a single woman myself, I never really understood the sympathy and pressure that is put on us to find a partner as soon as possible. We are constantly reminded to trap a man and mingle with him before we end up completely alone in life. But why is it so difficult to imagine single women as happy and independent? Why single women are always viewed through the lens of sympathy and loneliness?

When women decide to be single, there are many thoughts that go on in their minds. They are not kids who cannot understand whether going to the market alone is a good idea or not. Women know what they are signing up for and what consequences they might have to face. But our society is used to infantilising women and considering their decisions as immature. This compels society to make decisions for women or make them aware of why the decision is wrong. Being single is one of those decisions that is misunderstood as the immaturity of women.

Let Single Women Be

Let me tell you that being single without any if and but is one of the boldest stands that a woman takes. Singlehood is a medium for women to take the control of life into their own hands. Such women do not need to be dependent on anyone for anything. They make a career their goal and independence their attitude. As far as chasing a partner is concerned, if a woman has decided to be single then why will she desperately want someone in life? Why can’t society imagine a woman’s life without the presence of a man? Why should every woman have a man or seek a man in life? Are men any luxurious and comfor-providing objects? Even if they are, women do not need them because they can afford them all on their own.

So dear society, stop making singlehood a matter of loneliness for women. Stop defining singlehood in terms of the absence of men in life. When a woman is single, her life is defined by her. It is not indigent of anything or anyone. Even if at some point she might want a partner, it will not be out of desperation but out of choice. A single woman is initially enough to live an entire century and this is why they are called one of the strongest identities in society. And if they find someone in life, it will be because of love and attachment and not need and desperation.

Views expressed are the author’s own.

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