When Katrina Kaif Slammed Ex Ranbir Kapoor For Speaking Over Her During An Interview

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Actor Katrina Kaif celebrates her 39th birthday today. During her almost two-decade-long film career, the actor has cemented herself as a bankable star in the industry who is also known for her refreshing candour and no-nonsense attitude. On her birthday, we recall one such incident, when Kaif slammed her ex Ranbir Kapoor for continuously speaking over her and interrupting her during an interview. Women who have dealt with being interrupted and mansplaining rejoiced after seeing Kaif take down Kapoor for his behaviour for the world to watch.

As a part of their promotion for the film Jagga Jasoos, the stars Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor had an interview with Zerxes Wadia on MTV Insider. The interview soon became hard to watch as Kapoor continuously interrupts Kaif and answered questions addressed to her.

Even after Kaif expressed her frustration and called him out on his behaviour, Kapoor did not take the hint and continued to speak over her and justified that he was the producer and could explain things better.

Katrina Kaif then slammed Ranbir Kapoor for interrupting her and speaking over her multiple times and made her frustration evident.

The interview was then shared on social media with the caption “Is it just us or can you feel the tension between Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor too?”

Speaking about his character Jagga, Kapoor mentioned that he did not have a lot of dialogue as his character was self-conscious about his stammer. Kapoor said, “You don’t need to speak every time”, unfortunately, he did not follow his own advice and kept interrupting Kaif.

When Katrina Kaif Slammed Ranbir Kapoor

When Kaif began speaking about the characters and describing them, Kapoor interrupted her answer and said that Kaif’s character treated his character as a kid that did not know anything. Then Kaif replied that “In real life, he [Kapoor] treats me like a kid like I know nothing because he won’t let me finish my sentences”.

Kapoor completely missed the point that Kaif made and said, “In life, I’m talking about in the film” before continuing to speak over Kaif. The Welcome actor then said, “I was answering my question”, but Kapoor continued to speak and did not respond to her.

When Kapoor finally  finished answering Kaif’s question for her, she said, “You do realise you’re talking about my character when I’m sitting right here?” Kapoor claimed that she was not explaining properly, even though Kaif had only gotten to speak about her character Shruti- who is a journalist, only for a few seconds before being interrupted.

Not the one to back down, Kaif responded, “I was starting, I was getting there”.

Kaif did not brush it over and ignore the issue of her former boyfriend mansplaining her and brought it up several times during the interview. She did not sit silently and made her frustration and displeasure apparent.

Women who have had to deal with mansplaining often struggle to speak up for themselves. They think they might come across as rude or thankless when in reality all they are doing is to stand up for themselves. Men tend to forget that opinion, or explanation is also prone to a gaze and one thing can have different facets to it. They tend to believe that they know the best and that a woman might have knowledge about a certain issue.

Like here, Kapoor thought he knew better simply because he had produced the film, but he forgot that Kaif had brought the character to life on screen, so she might know about it better in many aspects than her producer would. Kaif deserves an applause for normalising the act of giving it back to men when they refuse to tone down mansplaining. Even if men pretend that they haven’t heard you, the world has. The viewers saw what was happening and called Kapoor out for his behaviour. In a male dominated industry, that was a big acheivement,

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