‘I Have A Newfound Respect For Jayalalithaa After Thalaivii’: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut on Jayalalithaa
Kangana Ranaut On Jayalalithaa: The actor said that politicians don’t get respect for their success like others as people are very harsh towards them. She said that after playing the role of J.Jayalalithaa in Thalaivii, her personal views about her and other politicians changed.

During a press conference held on September 9 in New Delhi, the actor and Thalaivii’s producers answered questions around the film. On being asked if Ranaut’s views about Jayalalithaa changed after doing the film she believes that most people don’t know the backstory of politicians and just see them as rulers with power. She said that Jayalalithaa was someone who was not expected to handle the volatile politics of Tamil Nadu but she worked hard to do so.

“Like everyone else I was very narrow minded about Jaya maa when I used to look at her pictures. After doing the film I realised how much work these people have to do. Politics is like a chess game, your friends turn into enemies, there are conspiracies to pull you down. In fact people plot your murder. Politicians don’t get respect for their success because people are very harsh towards them. So after knowing Jayalalithaa’s story I felt a newfound respect for her,” Ranaut said.

She was also asked about her plans to join politics after the film to which she said that she would love to take that role but it is not up to her. She said, “I think I am a patriot and when I talk about the country people think I am talking politics maybe I am but I am not a politician. I am responsible citizen and I talk about people’s rights. I don’t know whether I have the caliber to become a leader or not. Whether I will become a politician or not is not up to me but the people of this country.”

“If people choose me as their leader someday then definitely I would love to join politics. But currently I am happy being an actor.”

As per the actor, the Hindi film Thalaivii will release on September 10 in single screen theatres. She urged the audience to support the single screen theatres and claimed that multiplexes have always bullied filmmakers.

Speaking on women in politics and how much the film addressed that, Ranaut said that Thalaivii is not about pulling men down to bring about women empowerment. She said,” I am saying this because Jayalalithaa had M.G. Ramachandran who being a man supported her and encouraged her. He was her guide and mentor.” 

Ranaut chuckled when SheThePeople asked her if she also has a male mentor like MGR in her life. She said, ” I am no Jayalalithaa nor a Chief Minister. If go on to join politics and find someone like that I would acknowledge it but right now there is nothing like that.”

Picture Credit: Nitin Kundra

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