Here’s A List Of Top 5 Single Shot Films That Will Blow Your Mind

Single Shot Films
Single Shot Films: Ever wondered about the number of cuts that a film goes through before its final production? The art of movie-making is largely dependent on planning and precision. Some moviemakers have gone a step ahead by exploring a whole new technique of filmmaking, that is called the ‘single-shot movie’. It implies to the films that have been shot without any cuts. 

The experimentation of some directors has led to the creation of this avant-garde technique of filmmaking, where all the sequences are filmed in a single uninterrupted take. Despite being tricky to adapt, it adds up to the intriguing element of the cinema-viewing experience. Here is a list of 5 directors who have explored this technique in their films and have gifted some masterpiece creations to all cinephiles!

“Film is truth 24 times a second, and every cut is a lie.” -Jean-Luc Godard

Russian Ark(2002)- 96 min.

The film was directed by Alexander Sokurov. Starring Sergey Dreyden, Mariya Kuznetsova, Leonid Mozgovoy, Maksim Sergeyev, the film is an epic historical drama that has been shot in one unbroken shot. Documenting a vivid reflection of Russian history, the director creates a mark among the audience by using a single shot to capture the grandeur of the Hermitage, the repository of Russian art and the history in St. Petersburg. Tillman Buttner, who was the cinematographer of this movie did an incredible job using a Steadicam and high definition digital technology. 

Rope (1948)- 120 min.

Hitchcock has laid a foundation for the cinema industry by introducing subtle camera movements that can strengthen the nuances of visual storytelling. Considered to be one of his finest works, Rope has been shot in one room and has tricked the audience into believing that it has been shot using one take. At a time when camera technologies were not so advanced, the director employed long shots and had blended the scenes with immense perfection, making it look like a single shot movie. Featuring James Stewart, John Dall, Farley Granger, this movie is a must-watch as it will hook you to the edge of your seat till the end!

Victoria (2015) – 140 min.

Directed by Sebastian Schipper, this 140 mins long film is a brilliant example of a single-shot movie. Laia Costa, Frederick Lau, Franz Rogowski formed the cast of this movie. The entire film was shot in three whole takes. The third one was used for the ultimate movie release. The film took place in Berlin during the wee hours. In an interview, the filmmaker mentioned that he wanted to create something that was outside of the box while he was chalking out his starting ideas. 

Rakhta Gulabi(2021) – 132 min. 

Shot in two hours and eight minutes, this is yet another masterful craft that has been shot using a single take, without any cut. This Kannada film endeavours to create new records by adapting this unconventional technique. As stated in an interview with a leading daily, director Rabi mentioned that he had spent close to a year in pre-production work of the film. The film has received several accolades from critics. The film has Shivani and Vikramadithya in pivotal roles. It is the first movie that made it to the Limca Book Of Records and Asia Book Of Records for being shot in a single take. 

105 Minutes(2021)

Being the first director to adapt this unique style in Telugu cinema, Raja Dussa has directed this film by using a single shot, with no edits. The psychological thriller has been made with only one character. It stars Hansika Motwani in the lead role and is expected to release in 2021. 

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