Parul Gulati, Srishti Shrivastava On Girls Hostel Season 3, Women’s Equality And More

Girls Hostel Season 3 Interview
SonyLIV is coming back with another instalment of Girls Hostel. Season 3 is about the journey of seniors and freshers surviving the hostel of the dental college. Usually, shows depicting boys’ hostels have been popular, and a lot is there about how boys live in a hostel, their challenges, and more. About girls’ hostels, hardly little is known, about their problems, the challenges they face, and the friendships they have.

It is a refreshing take on hostel life, with a backdrop of dental college, which itself poses a challenge. A group of girls from different backgrounds share numerous ups and downs in a dormitory for dental students. Along with that, Girls Hostel Season 3 has to offer a backstory, which has nurtured their character and also discusses larger issues concerning women, internet-age youngsters, and the LGBTQIA community.

In an interview with SheThePeople, Girls Hostel actors Parul Gulati and Srishti Shrivastava shared about the series and the bond between the cast. They spoke about will the latest season unfold, and how it wants to shed light on conversations around issues that are rarely spoken about and create awareness.  

Girls Hostel Season 3 Interview

Parul Gulati and Srishti Shrivastava spoke about what Season 3 offers and how it is different from its predecessor. Their characters have grown, and with every season more detailed characteristics are added to their character. This season dynamics are changing, there is a power shift. 

Parul Gulati said, “We are getting bigger, and better, new characters are joining in. We have grown a lot more mentally. Earlier we were seniors, now super seniors as freshers are coming in. Dynamics are changed, and the power shift is there.”

More depth is added to the character. Jo’s character, she doing things that contrast with her aura. She is in a major dilemma about the choices she makes. Jo here is put in a vulnerable situation. Season 3 explores the characters’ back history and reveals why they are what they are, adding layers and conversation which we don’t do usually.”

The trailer introduces freshers and each of these characters have some kind of social premises. Shrivastava feels through freshers, the show is trying to make conversations, conversations which make people uncomfortable.

“Currently, we are living in an age, where we at least meet one influencer and also have people who are coming out of the closet. The three new students are addressing these issues. When they come to the hostel, what they go through. The journey is more in the grey area, addressing good-bad experiences. This is the reality of our time and world, it is totally upon us how much to accept. We are initiating a small conversation about community, not trying to bring revolution or make a change, it’s about awareness. Since we have an audience, we can use this audience to bring this topic forward and reach many many places”, Shrivastava.

Shrivastava also added, “I am glad this conversation is happening. I did Maja MaWhile understanding the character, I came to know that percentage-wise parents are more open with the fact, but when parents come out, children are not. We don’t know much about their life. There is no wrong and right, it is about time. For instance – if u live in a conservative house, I used to, now my parents understood how I function. I made them sit down and make them understand my way of living. Today, after so many years they have accepted and adapted. It did not happen in one day. It will take time for people to accept, to accept awareness is needed. Barging into someone’s face won’t work.”

Girls Hostel extensively talks about the rights to breathe, and women’s agency. Shethepeople asked the actors how they related to the particular notion.

To which Gulati said, “I have a monologue, which talks about the right to breathe. Today’s generation has a lot on its plate, with the internet and competition. We comparatively had an easy life. Amid all this chaos, we need a moment to ourselves. For me, breathing means a moment to yourself amid the madness.”

Shrivastava on other hand said, “It is so basic. Sometimes, I don’t understand why so much activism is needed. It is so basic we all are equal, even feminism believes in equality. The right to breathe, speak, and state opinion is basic. Also, now a lot of women have a realisation of who they are and what they need to do to keep their mental health in place even if it breaks the norms of society. Although it is not happening full-fledged. It is basic. If you want to keep society happy, nothing is going to work. If you keep yourself happy everything will fall into place.”

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Parul Gulati’s role of Zarina Ali in the series talks about being yourself and giving acceptance to oneself. In the real-life also she has been advocating self-love and validation of oneself. 

I was a different person four years ago someone who has been on this journey of seeking love and validation. Today I am different. My therapist asked me – what will you say to your younger self. I said to work hard and be focused. My therapist responded – why you are being so hard on yourself. If you can not love little Parul how people will love you? This goes for everybody what will you tell your little version? Just be a little kind, maybe no one else was nice to them, so we have this shield,” added Parul Gulati.

The trailer also in a very subtle tone talks about adjustments. Society tells us to adjust to every small thing, but most of the time it goes unnoticed. However, the makers have picked up and tried to talk about it. Gulati expressed adjustment here issues a larger topic. Time and again we are told to adjust by the system, by society. Aisa hi hai, adjust karlo. Sometimes it’s like we are doing our best, so why can’t we get the best.”

Shrivastava goes back to her childhood and how the adjustment has impacted her. She says, “I have been a very adjusting person. I was a scared child, who used to hide and do things. It became a bit rebellious. As I grew up, I realised, I am happier when things go my way, even if it creates fights at home, creates discomfort among people. Even now I adjust itna paisa hai lelo, because ye yeh problem hai. I am adjusting.

Adjustment brings no good, for instance – if u r married and your spouse does not turn out to be a good man, you have to adjust for your entire life because it depends on society to decide on separation, which is hectic. Adjustment can never do good things unless it’s minute. In fact, it start from small and became huge. You say what you want, life becomes easy.”

In the end, both of the actors spoke about female friendships and the camaraderie the entire cast shares. Gulati spoke about how in the vanity they enjoy doing everything together. The makeup, the lines, eating food, gyming, and having a conversation at length. She also spoke about their friendship beyond the series. Gulati pointed out that whenever they meet it is total madness.