What Is An Intimacy Director? And Why Do We Need Them In Our Movies?

Intimacy Directors have become a part of the film industry to ensure actors' safety and comfort while shooting intimate scene to avoid sexual misconduct and miscommunication.

Bhavya Saini
Jan 24, 2022 18:38 IST
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Film Gehraiyaan is speculated to be the first Indian film to feature and credit an Intimacy Director. The profession has acquired importance in the film industry after the MeToo Movement came into light. Let’s discuss what an Intimacy Director is and their role in the making of intimate scenes.

However sensual or passionate an intimate scene might look; it requires proper execution and choreography by the actors and directors to get the sequence right without creating any awkwardness in the chemistry. Along with that, it also requires mutual consent as well as understanding between the actors to get the right mood in the scene.

Earlier, Hollywood shows like Watchmen, Normal People, I May Destroy You, Sex Education hired Intimacy Director Ita O'Brien to regulate the sexual conduct while filming intimate scenes. Sex Education became the first Netflix feature to credit Intimacy Directors.

Gehraiyaan Intimacy Director


Deepika Padukone-starrer Gehraiyaan is being appreciated by Indian artists and filmmakers for including an Intimate Director, Dar Gai, as well as crediting her in its poster. The film revolves around the complexities of modern relationships. Padukone, during the trailer launch, assured a unique watch for the audience as she mentioned that the intimate scenes in the film are not just for mere viewership.

Intimacy is a much broader concept that can be explored in films rather than just using it as a tool to get a larger viewership.

Gehraiyaan director Shakun Batra welcomed an Intimate Director into the team to portray the concept of intimacy with much more detail and understanding in order to create a safer and more comfortable environment for its actors as well. This is speculated to be the first time that Bollywood has featured an Intimate Director in the making of intimate scenes in a movie.


What is an Intimacy Director?

An Intimacy Director or coordinator is a professional who directs and choreographs intimate scenes during the making of a film. In 2016, Tonia Sina and Alicia Rodis along with Siobhan Richardson founded the Intimacy Directors International in 2016, an association of professional who would direct intimacy in a safer and consensual environment.

Stage sex is nothing like real sex. It’s fake. It has to be taught, and it has to be choreographed separately: Tonia Sina on creating intimate scenes


The initiative gained significance after the revelations of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse history and it was deemed important to create a safer environment for the making of intimate scenes without any possibilities of sexual misconduct or miscommunication.

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What is their role in the making of intimate scenes?

The role of an Intimacy Director is significant during the making of an intimate scene. Their duty is to ensure actors’ safety and consent for the same. If an Intimacy Director feels that the actors may be going off the script and choreography of the scene, they may intervene and correct the misconduct or miscommunication.


They may also challenge a film director if they insist on additional exposure or nudity from the actors than deemed necessary in the scene.

The main job of an Intimate Director is to ensure an actor’s comfort while shooting intimate scenes involving physical touch and nudity.

Dar Gai in Gehraiyaan is a major break-through in the Indian film industry to understand intimacy in a better manner to ensure the safety and comfort of the actors while delivery good content to its audience.

Gehraiyaan will release on February 11, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video and features Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday and Dhairya Karwa.

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