Gehraiyaan Intimate Scenes Not Just For Eyeballs, Says Deepika Padukone

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Speaking to the media about the intimate scenes in her upcoming movie Gehraiyaan, Deepika Padukone assured that the movie has a great experience to offer to its audience. The intimate scenes are not just for the sake of eyeballs, she said.

Deepika Padukone-starrer Gehraiyaan discusses the complexities of modern relationships, will soon be premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

Referring to the intimate scenes in the movie, Deepika Padukone told PTI in the press conference for the trailer launch that it is not just to catch the eyeballs of the audience. She credited the director Shakun Batra for creating a comfortable and safe environment during the shoot of intimate scenes in the movie.

Padukone said, “Shakun gave me and all of us the comfort, you feel safe and secure because intimacy is not easy” She also said that Gehraiyaan offers something that was never experienced in Indian cinema before.

Padukone said mentioning the director’s intentions, that he did not aim for mere viewership, instead he wanted to give his audience a unique experience to his audience, “So, to go down that route of intimacy and vulnerability is possible when you know the director is not doing it for eyeballs. Because that is where the characters are coming from, their experience and journey. ” She added that it is only possible when the actors feel safe and secure in the environment.

Director Shakun Batra had involved filmmaker Dar Gai as the intimate director of the film to get a more precise angle for the intimate scenes. He appreciated the contribution of Dar Gai saying, “We were treating intimacy like a story and we want to see it like a character.

To achieve the same, the director said they needed prep and detailing. She also acknowledged the importance of having an intimacy director on the sets of the film. Dar Gai, the intimacy director of the film was also given credit in the official poster of the film. This was the first time that a Bollywood film did so. Batra said that it is important Gai gets the same respect as other heads of departments in the film get.

Gehraiyaan will release on February 11 and features Deepika Padukone, Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Pandey and Dhairya Karwa in the lead roles.