Ekta Kapoor Supports LGBT Community On Twitter

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Ekta Kapoor supports LGBT community in a thread on Twitter replying to those who asked her about her recent shows.

Ekta Kapoor, the head of ALTBalaji, released two LGBT-themed shows on her streaming platform. One of the two series was a same-sex love story of two women, The Married Woman starring Monica Dogra and Riddhi Dogra. Another series is a gay love story called His Storyy starring Satyadeep Misra and Mrinal Dutt. After these releases, many internet users questioned Kapoor about her interest in releasing stories related to the LGBT community. Some users also asked her why she had two releases in two months.

Ekta Kapoor wrote a long thread on Twitter explaining the importance of uplifting the current status of the LGBT community. The highlight of her statement is where she says, “It’s beyond conditioning. It’s beyond gender #LoveIsLove”.

In her reply to the people asking her why is she doing two LGBT-themed shows in two months, Ekta Kapoor said that no one questions when the industry does millions of opposite-sex love stories. Further, producer Ekta Kapoor explained the under-representation of such stories.

In the series, The Married Woman depicts the life struggle of a woman named Astha. Astha is a homemaker who faces an identity crisis and then embarks on a journey to discover herself. Ekta Kapoor mentioned how the series The Married Woman is being loved and appreciated by all. She also spoke about being humbled by the response received from the audience and critics.

Producer Ekta Kapoor took a stand for the LGBT community and took the chance to thank the Indian audience for their support and acceptance of the stories. She also asked the internet to normalise these love stories. Kapoor also said, “Love is beyond everything. It’s beyond sexuality”, in one of her tweets.