5 New Must-Watch OTT Releases To Burn Stress This Long Dussehra Weekend

Dussehra OTT films and online series to keep on your watchlist for the long weekend of unwinding ahead.

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Dussehra OTT films and series are gearing up for a power-packed viewership, given the long festive weekend people are prepping to celebrate. Though the days off on Friday and the upcoming weekend combined have prompted many to stretch their legs and head out of town to unwind, others without travel plans are planning to simply kick back and relax at home.

Whichever you opt for, it would do well to keep yourself abreast of the several new releases hitting digital screens this weekend. So when you have a free window, you can switch on your devices, switch off office notifications and burn that weekday workday stress down to the ground. It is the season to set evil ablaze, after all.

5 Dussehra OTT Films And Series You Can't Miss

1. Rashmi Rocket 

There is much anticipation around this Taapsee Pannu-starrer, which is centred around the problematic, humiliating practice of gender testing and an athlete's attempts to rebel against it. As Rashmi, a muscled "masculine-looking" woman, Pannu brings home the message that femininity is not for science or society to decide. The story draws from experiences that women athletes across the world, including India's ">Dutee Chand, have gone through and speaks of the urgent need to strike it off sports.

Rashmi Rocket releases October 15 on ZEE5.

2. Sardar Udham 


The biographical film starring Vicky Kaushal will take us back to early 20th century when India was still in the throes of British colonialism, rebelling to break out into freedom. Sardar Udham takes on the story of Udham Singh, an Indian freedom fighter best known for taking a trip to London to avenge the bloody Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919, by assassinating British official Michael O'Dwyer, who was leading Punjab at the time of the carnage.

Sardar Udham releases October 16 on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Udanpirappe

This Tamil action-drama bases itself on the relationship siblings share (which is also what the film title means). Though Udanpirappe is receiving mixed reviews upon its release, given the melodramatic and banally employed stereotypes that make up the story, the audience has largely agreed so far that the film makes for a decent watch. A notably progressive point in the film is when it chooses to burden wrongdoers with the shame of rape instead of survivors, which is an idea more films and society itself should endorse.

Udanpirappe released October 14 on Amazon Prime Video.

4. You (Season 3)


Before you dive into the third season of this hit thriller series, it would be best to familiarise (or refamiliarise) yourself with the previous two seasons. Suspicious stalker Joe Goldberg meets his match in Love Quinn, which is where the second season left off. With every character throwing curveballs, this series takes you to the very disturbing depths of the human psyche and what it is capable of. You has become the go-to guidebook for an entire generation of love-seekers looking to dodge red flags in their partners.

You season three releases October 15 on Netflix.

5. Little Things (Season 4)

The big question of the upcoming season of Little Things is: Will Dhruv and Kavya, the two leads, take their relationship forward and how? More than anything, the series has consistently been in the limelight - especially among millennials - for its relatable themes of youth, adulting and love. Surviving burdens of long-distance and marriage pressures: does that sound like something you are familiar with? If yes, then this series might hold the answers to your relationship questions.

Little Things season four releases October 15 on Netflix.


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