Drew Barrymore Criticised for Bringing Back Talk Show Amid Strikes

While most talk shows remain halted in solidarity with the actors' and writers' strikes, Drew Barrymore announced the fourth season of her talk show stating it would be in compliance with the rules of WGA and SAG-AFTRA

Pavi Vyas
Sep 11, 2023 17:09 IST
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The actor revealed in her lengthy Instagram post that her daytime talk show The Drew Barrymore Talk Show will return with a season 4 soon in compliance with the Hollywood writer's strikes and the rules of the Writers' Guild America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). 

aWriters striking said the announcement was "incredibly disappointing."

'I Own This Choice': Drew Barrymore On Returning Talk Show Amidst Strike:

Hollywood actor and talk show host, Drew Barrymore has defended her choice of bringing back her talk show The Drew Barrymore Show on CBS amid ongoing Hollywood strikes. 
In a lengthy Instagram post, Barrymore revealed that her daytime talk show will soon be coming up with its Season 4 by the rules of the strike
She said "I own this choice" and said that the show would be in compliance with the rules of not promoting and talking about the films and shows that are struck in strike. 
However, A WGA official said that the show itself is a "struck show" and revealed that the union members are planning to picket outside the show's studios. The union criticised the return of the show as a "violation of WGA strike rules." 
According to reports, Barrymore plans to bring back the show planning to premiere it on September 18. Barrymore is a signatory of WGA and the show will run without any literary materials from the strike alike ABC's The View
Barrymore began her Instagram post by pointing out that she walked out of MTV Films and Awards hosting in 2023 in solidarity with the writers who went on strike highlighting her support in the very first week of the strike. 
She also clarified the WGA's allegations that the production of Season 3 of the show wrapped up on April 20, before the strike began so they never had to shut it down. 
Barrymore wrote about her intentions to bring back the show that show may have her name but is "bigger than just me" recalling how the show was launched during the tough times of the COVID-19 Pandemic and is "built for the sensitive times."
She declared that they have faced tough times since the show first aired but now she plans to return with a Season 4 with "astute humility."

According to the strike rules laid by WGA, most daytime talk shows may continue to run as most of them do not employ writers who are involved in the strike. The Drew Barrymore show and The Talk who went off-air before the strike can be an exception, while the other late-night talk shows continue to rerun their old episodes. 
Other daytime shows that are also airing amidst the strikes are Tamron Hall and Live With Kelly and Mark. 
However, following the show's announcement, the actors and writers condemned Barrymore's choice to return to the show amidst the strike as Adam Conover, maker of Adam Ruins Everything said it was incredibly disappointing and asked Drew to reconsider her choices, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend actor Benjamin Siemon asked who is she going to interview as actors according to SAG-AFTRA are not allowed to talk or promote the halted shows and movies. 

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