All You Need To Know About Documentary Davina McCall: Sex, Myths And The Menopause

Davina McCall
Television presenter and Big Brother host Davin McCall featured in a documentary that has been garnering praises from all quarters.

The show titled Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and The Menopause aired on Channel 4 on May 12 and since has been a subject of discussion on the online platform.

The documentary follows McCall describing her own menopause journey and busts the myths surrounding the transition as well as speaking to women with similar experiences. The informative documentary has made people with vagina around the world feel a little less lonely for experiencing what’s absolutely natural, as the appreciative tweets suggest.

Here’s what we know about Davina McCall’s documentary:

-As the television presenter Davina McCall was advised not to talk about the “ageing and unsavoury” subject that is menopause. However, instead of following the advice, she decided to fight the stigma.

-The documentary is aimed at everyone. A person doesn’t need to be a woman or menopausal to be aware of the information which should be known to each one of us.

-While speaking about the programme Davina McCall confirmed that it’s not just for menopausal women, but for “their partners, their fathers, their brothers, and their sons”. “I used to think that menopause was an age thing and now I realise it’s a woman thing,” she added.

-In the documentary, McCall discusses her own reluctance to confront menopause in a bid to get women talking about theirs.

-McCall reveals that only one in 10 women take HRT in the UK which is recommended treatment for dealing with symptoms.

-The programme busts myths about perimenopausal and menopause while discussing the physical and emotional effects of it.

-Besides that, it looks into the reason behind the lack of understanding around the topic and ways to break the taboo.

Hormone replacement therapy, sleepless nights and sex after menopause are a few subjects that would be touched upon in the documentary.

-Other than the physical changes that menopause causes, the show also discusses its effect on women’s lives, careers and relationships.

-“We’ve discovered while making this film how much better-informed women – and their doctors – could be about hormones and menopause. Women’s silence around menopause needs to become a cacophony, and one day a symphony,” Producer Kate Muir said of Sex, Myths and The Menopause.