Chrissy Teigen Defends Meghan Markle: States Treatment Of Her Hits Too Close To Home

Chrissy Teigen Defends Meghan Markle

Chrissy Teigen defended Meghan Markle on Twitter and stated that the way Markle was being treated was “hitting too close to home”.

Chrissy Teigen had miscarried last year and spoke openly about her experience and how it affected her. Teigen recently spoke about her grief when she wrote on Instagram that “He would have been here any day now – if he were like Luna and Miles, I’d probably be holding him as we speak.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Markle gave an in-depth interview to Oprah Winfrey which is due to air on March 7, 2021. In one of the trailers for the interview, Prince Harry told Winfrey that his biggest concern is “history repeating itself” seeming to reference how his late mother, Princess Diana was treated by the media.

Allegations of bullying by staff members against Markle are currently being investigated by Buckingham Palace. Responding to the allegations, Markle’s spokesperson said that “The duchess is saddened by this latest attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying herself and is deeply committed to supporting those who have experienced pain and trauma.”

Many of Meghan Markle’s friends have come forward to support ger after the allegations. Her suits co-star Patrick Adams called the treatment of Markle at the hands of British media “racist” and accused them of spewing clickbaiting vitriol of Markle. Read what other friends of Markle have said about her recently, here.