Boriya Bistar And Other Meme Trends The Internet Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

boriya bistar meme

Boriya Bistar memes are a hit: Come pandemic or work-from-home, the internet knows how to keep itself thoroughly entertained by finding humour in the most unusual of things. The latest meme festival has been sparked by Priyanka Chopra’s green ‘ball’ dress that has the actor looking like she’s all packed with boriya bistar and ready to go.

Netizens have let their imaginations run wild, creating art from the endless possibilities of what her ‘ball’ dress makes her resemble – from a hot air balloon to a lollipop. And the actor, who recently turned author with her memoir Unfinished, seems to have thoroughly enjoyed the boriya bistar memes, a few of which she shared from her end.

Boriya Bistar Meme & Other Trends That Made The Internet Smile

1. Boriya Bistar Meme 

An Instagram post featuring Chopra in a green and black polka dress shaped like a ball was the seed behind the plethora of boriya bistar memes flooding our timelines today. Though it’s unclear when Chopra sported this look, the dress isn’t entirely unknown in fashion circles since others like actor Gemma Chan have been spotted wearing it too.

The former Miss World evidently had a sense of humour since she joined the boriya bistar meme trend to highlight some of her favourites. “Too funny… Thanks for making my day guys !” she wrote, sharing ones of her as a Pokemon, a cheesecloth and a Diwali bomb.

2. Pawri Ho Rahi Hai 

Featuring a friends gang from Pakistan, the selfie video that went massively viral earlier this month shows popular social media influencer Dananeer Mobeen showing us around, saying, “Yeh humari car hai, yeh hum hain, aur yeh humari pawri ho rahi hai” and sparking a fest on both sides of the border.

As any viral meme trend is now destined to become, Dananeer’s video caught the attention of Indian remixer Yashraj Mukhate of ‘rasode mein kaun tha’ fame and he turned it into a peppy number. Actor couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh also hopped on the pawri train with their own renditions of the meme.

3. Shweta’s Zoom Call 

What was allegedly supposed to be a secret between Shweta and a boy who divulged details about his girlfriend to her came out in the open – for the whole online world – when she apparently forgot to mute herself on Zoom before embarking upon her storytelling session.

Despite multiple protestations from her Zoom friends, who, between shocked giggles, raise alarms and implore Shweta to mute herself, she didn’t. A recorded clip from that call went viral on February 18, resulting in memes that begged Shweta to stop talking and others that begged her to complete her story.

We don’t know what ultimately happened to Shweta and whether or not she’s still friends with the boy whose secrets she accidentally spilled, but one thing’s for sure: the incident was a disclaimer for everyone to check their mute buttons during Zoom meetings.

Boriya Bistar memes and other online trends that made the internet smile

4. PDA During GDP 

In a rather endearing video that went viral on social media, an unsuspecting woman leaned in to kiss her unsuspecting husband. Her romantic attack, unfortunately, failed because the husband dodged. Because having his cheek kissed while talking about GDP and the economy on Zoom call to (probably) an audience didn’t seem like a good idea.

In shock, and with rather impressive reflexes, the man in the video jerkily pulls his face away from his wife’s public display of affection, following it up with an incredulous – “What nonsense you’re doing here?” – and a look of embarrassed self-consciousness.

5. Happiest Bride Ever 

A video that went viral earlier this year showed a groom smacking his wedding photographer during the photoshoot on stage, sending the bride into fits of hysterical laughter. Through the better half of the video, the bride could just not stop, rolling onto the floor with roaring laughter.

However, the truth came to light when the viral video clip was retweeted by the bride herself, who claimed that the video was a part of a film shoot. “Ye meri movie shoot ke time ki video hai (This is a video from my movie shoot),” wrote Anikriti Chowhan, an actor from Chhattisgarh.

Real or not, either way, this video – and all other meme trends – have given people reasons to smile and keep spirits up until the offline world opens back up, sans virus.

Views expressed are the author’s own.