These Five Women Centric Pakistani Dramas Are A Must-Watch – Put them on Your List

Pakistani Dramas

Most of the Pakistani dramas have women as protagonists. The portrayal of women in these dramas is not just realistic but also progressive. Unlike Indian daily soaps where the lives of women revolve around men, the dramas in Pakistan project women as having an individual identity. They do have their own struggles but their lives are much more than just serving their husbands.

Their characters don’t demand them to be crying and complaining all the time. Here’s a list of five such Pakistani dramas which break the stereotype of the abla naari and present women who are strong and independent.

1. Baaghi

Baaghi is a drama based on the life of Qandeel Baloch, a controversial social media sensation of Pakistan who was murdered by her brother in the name of ‘honour‘. The drama doesn’t present the protagonist Fauzia (Saba Qamar) as a stereotypical helpless victim but as someone who exhibits strength. She escapes the grip of  her abusive husband and also doesn’t allow anyone else to abuse her again. Baaghi also raises questions on the issue of honour killing. It challenges the problematic notion that a society’s honour depends on the female body.

After the tragic end, we are bound to think if a man has the right to murder someone for honour, especially in a society that considers God to be the ultimate magistrate.

2. Mujhay Jeene Do

Mujhay Jeene Do focuses on the lives of multiple strong women. They are not highly educated but symbolise courage and strength. This drama brings forth the deep rooted economic and social issues of Pakistan, particularly child marriage. Shahina crushes the stereotype of women being jealous and vengeful. She goes through an entire journey throughout the series and is even ready of sacrifice her life for Saira, who happens to be the first wife of her husband Naseeb. The character of the village Doctor Yasemine is crucial as it shows how educated women can stand up for other women and fight for their rights.

These Five Women Centric Pakistani Dramas Are A  Must-Watch – Put them on Your List

3. Akhri Station

Akhri Station is a story of seven women who are all victims of physical and mental assault. Another thing common among them is that they stand up for themselves to bring about a change. The drama highlights a range of problems faced by Pakistani women, be it escaping the clutches of an abusive husband or the patriarchal setup which views an unmarried woman as a ‘burden’. None of the characters in the story are the stereotypical victimised and helpless women who cannot put an end to their problems themselves. They have seen the worst in their lives but don’t lose hope. This is how women ought to be represented.

4. Khudgarz

This drama dealing with love, betrayal, selfishness and its psychological effects also has inspiring women characters. Ayra is the exact opposite of the adarsh bahu stereotype. She has her career plans and does not sacrifice them despite her in-laws forcing her to do so. Ayra acts as a role model for millions of women facing the same issue. Khudgarz advocates the right to choose, a right not just Pakistani but all women have to fight for before they receive it.

5. Yaqeen Ka Safar

This is one of the most popular Pakistani dramas as it has a heartfelt impact on the viewers. Zubia, the female lead escapes from an abusive household. She is then betrayed by a man who wants to take advantage of the situation but she remains courageous and epitomises strength. Her role inspires us to never give up on hope or stop hoping for a better life if we face adverse situations. She throws light on the fact that women are capable of making themselves financially and emotionally independent if they are determined.

Image credits: Wikipedia (Yaqeen Ka Safar)