Young Couple Killed In The Name Of Honour in Meerganj

5 persons from the same family have been arrested by UP police for allegedly killing a 17-year-old girl and her 19-year-old boyfriend. This is a matter of honour-killing from the Meerganj area of Bareilly district. The bodies of the duo were reportedly found swinging from a tree on Thursday. 

Initial investigation revealed that the youngsters were killed before hanging. Both of them belonged to farmer families and were of an equal community. The couple was school drop-outs and the boy was toiled as a part-time driver and was looking for a stable job. As per the reports, the girl’s parents were not in favour of the relationship, told SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan to a news publication. 

In the beginning, police were informed that the couple had committed suicide. However, it was doubted murder when the scene photographs and state of the bodies were checked, said Inspector General of police Bareilly range Rajesh Kumar Pandey. Following the doubt, Inspector Pandey asked SSP Rohit Sajwan to carry out a precise examination of the spot. 

Forensic reports proved the doubts to be true. It turned out to be a case of murder. Besides investigations unveiled that the girl was caught by her father when she had gone to meet her boyfriend who lived in the same village. Following, the girl’s brother and three other relatives also reached the spot. They tattered the couple mercilessly. They were choked to death. Subsequently, the involved hanged their bodies to a tree to make this look like a suicide. 

Through the investigation, UP police discovered that the bodies were drawn towards the tree. And the autopsy also verified that the two youngsters were murdered. Moreover, the complete inquiry showed that they were killed by the girl’s father and he got the backing by his son and his three brothers in this brutal crime, as per the reports. 

The FIR has been registered under Section 302 of IPC for murder, and Section 201, for withdrawing the evidence will be added after further inquiry. The accused have been arrested and were sent to the district jail on Friday. 

Shockingly, the police records have shown that possibly least 64 youngsters have either been killed or have chosen self-destruction in the district in the last two years.