Loved Squid Game? Here Are Five Other K-Dramas You Should Check Out

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Best K-dramas to watch if you loved Squid Game: South Korean show Squid Game has become a huge trend around the world in the past month. It has also driven the following of Korean dramas further through the roof. With themes of action and mystery, the show has captivated its audience with its simple yet grotesque nature. Squid Game involves debt-ridden participants, who compete in children’s games for a large cash prize. Those who are eliminated, face deadly consequences.

If the thrilling edge-of-the-seat action in Squid Game was something you enjoyed, here are 5 K-dramas you can rely on for a nail-biting journey :

Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil is a crime thriller drama that revolves around two police officers, a demoted veteran detective and an ace rookie, who set out to find the truth behind a cold case of murder, from 20 years ago. As they hunt for the killer, secrets are revealed and they are left to question everything they know. They are left wondering who is the real monster among them?

Strangers From Hell

Also known as Hell is Other People, Strangers From Hell is a psychological thriller drama. The story is based on a popular webtoon, and revolves around a man, in his 20s, who has recently moved to Seoul. Unable to afford much, he takes up accommodation at Eden Studio, where the tenants give out a rather eerie vibe as if they all harbour a dark secret. Series of bizarre events spiral into madness and soon the young man begins questioning the motives of those around him.

Sweet Home

This drama had become quite popular for its thrilling, apocalyptic story, with gory visuals of the unusual-looking monsters. The tenants of a building are trapped inside, fearful of the world outside which is in ruins, while a strange disease is taking over, which turns humans into bloodthirsty monsters. Amidst this chaos is a man who struggles to keep his humanity intact despite being infected by the deathly disease. Will he emerge to be the biggest weapon against this apocalypse?


This drama is worth a watch for its dark and eerie vibe. It involves a model high school student, who seemingly leads a normal life, earning good grades, is well mannered, with no trouble in school. However, he harbours a dark secret and leads a double life of crime. When a classmate finds out about his secret, he will do anything to protect it, even if it’s deadly.

Save Me

This drama is one that could give anyone the creeps for its spine chilling plot. It is based on a family that moves to a new town after facing financial troubles. They soon encounter a popular church in the town, which is actually run by the followers of a religious cult. Soon, the parents are drawn into the cult, which poses a peaceful image but is riddled with violence, abuse, brainwashing and possibly murder. A year later, the daughter wants out and is helped by a group of boys, who were her ex-classmates. Will she succeed in her escape?

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